Friday, November 24, 2017

EXCORIATE - Of the Ghastly Stench review

EXCORIATE - Of the Ghastly Stench

Nihilistic Holocaust

So here we have a cassette demo by a Chilean death metal act put out by a French death metal webzine. Did I just get transported back to 1989 or what? As far as the band goes, EXCORIATE actually started out in 2002. Over the years they've managed to put out a few demos and splits. Hell after all these years they're still putting out a demo is weird given all the availability of self releasing. 

Well be that as it may EXCORIATE do a fine job of waxing nostagia for people like me who actually remember. The handful of cuts on here push the whole death doom and gloom estectic of the late 80's death metal crunch. Opener,"Teofisto", is an instrumental that sets up the mood which is an obvious throwback style of the past. Next comes the bleeding into an actual cut, "Oh! Peaceful Derketa", which drags you along kicking and screaming. What follows is a mix of dirty death doom on the next two cuts.

EXCORIATE would do right by putting their whole discography on a compilation. After that they could do a new full length. They're the type of band you would expect to hear on Greyhaze Records.

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