Monday, January 22, 2018

CRIMSON DEVILS - A Taste For Blood review

CRIMSON DEVILS - A Taste For Blood

Self Released

Well this is the second time in 2018 (as well as in January) that I'm starting a review with the words "It's not Metal but I like it and know a lot about it." (Hmmm, is this gonna be a trend?) Here we have an Austin, Texas act who have a sound firmly plucked from late 90's Hard Fuckin Rock n Roll, Garage Rock or Hard Rockin Punk. Yeah pick your own genre tag but sound-wise this reminds me of bands like NINE POUND HAMMER, QUADRAJETS, HOOKERS and a host of other era acts.

Back in the late 90s when Scumfeast was a fanzine me and co-editor Andy would cover a lot of bands like this. It's just great fuckin music for anyone into loud shit that rocks your head, soul  or liver. Yeah this is definitely whisky soaked sounds with a hefty heap of Southern swagger. Eleven cuts in all. I like em all but "STFU" is my fave. Some label needs to sign this band up NOW.

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