Thursday, February 22, 2018

BESTIALORD - Law Of The Burning review

BESTIALORD - Law Of The Burning 

Symbol of Domination Prod.

OK so with a name like BESTIALORD I thinking this was going to be black metal. Ah no it's not at all. The tagline on this band turned out to be death / doom. Alright I'll give em that. But after listening to a couple of cuts, well three to be honest, I got this huge devious grim going. This really sounds like fuckin NUNSLAUGHTER albeit not as funny. Right now there's a reader in Bumfuck, Ohio going "You think NUNSLAUGHTER is funny? You have a sick sense of humor."

But seriously folks this band's vocalist is a dead ringer for NUNSLAUGHTER's Don of the Dead. As far as the music goes forget the whole death doom idea. This is a straight up metal act that touches upon those genres but is not diving in head first. This release just rocks while you're giving the horned fist of approval. I bet there's plenty of those flying when this band plays live. This band, a three piece by the way, hails from Wichita, Kansas. For you non Americans that's the Midwest which is full of sickos. 

Look people I'm as honest as the day is long. I'll tell ya when writing about bands there are times when it feels like I'm painting the same portrait but using a different brush hoping that someone sees a difference. Yeah it feels like work but then a band like BESTIALORD comes along with cool songs like "Vermin" (my favorite cut on here), "Marduk Kurios" (with a great guitar solo from a guy who was in MANILLA ROAD for two years, yeah why bother mentioning that namedrop in the promo) and of course "Loathed Be Thy Name". 

Listening to this release, which basically en-tales I just can't stop, is the equivalent of getting off of work after a long hard schedule. I don't wanna talk about fuckin work. Just give me a good beer, something decent to eat and cool music to blast. After all of that well a good fucking will suffice. Everything about Law Of The Burning reminds me of that except for the fucking part. This album has already earned it's place in the SFM666 2018 Favorites List. I just don't know what category to put em in. Fuck it I'll just say Death Metal to piss people off.

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