Sunday, April 29, 2018

HATE THEM ALL - Defenders Of The Black Throne review

HATE THEM ALL - Defenders Of The Black Throne 

Old Temple

I said this a few weeks ago that Poland has become the leading nation when it comes to extreme metal. And here we go again. This band, who don't want to expose themselves, are pure blackened thrash/blackened punk/blackened fuckin hate music. After some searching I found out that in studio HATE THEM ALL are a two piece act. One guy is responsible for guitar and vocals while the second member takes on the drum work.

Pure fuckin hate is what HATE THEM ALL is about. Musically the twelve cuts on here are lo-fi raw recordings which the band is very proud of mentioning in the promo info. This is their second full length since starting out in 2010. Makes ya wonder what they put out prior to this. By the way that would be a full length, a bunch of split releases and a few demos. Filthy guttural vocals sung in Polish with concussive riffs from the past as an influence.

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