Wednesday, May 2, 2018

RIPPED TO SHREDS - Mai-zang review


Craneo Negro Records

Alright you all know that I respect one man bands, especially one man death metal acts. Hello BLOODSOAKED! With that said here we have multi-instrumentalist Andrew Lee, formerly of DISINCARNATION a two piece act that put out a demo By the Old Gods and the New last year, from San Jose, CA. Here's a guy dedicated to his craft which is old school death metal. Hey as far as I'm concerned there's nothing at all wrong with that.

What we have here is not only a homage to the big three of Swedish death metal (ie: ENTOMBED, GRAVE & DISMEMBER) but with some personality. It is also a concept album dealing with the tumultuous history of late 19th and 20th century China. So chalk this up as one more great way metal is educating the populace.

Now as far as this goes musically it's fuckin flawless. Lee does a cool job at creating these thick meaty riffs. His soloing is sharp and concise with no high end wankery. Lee's vocals are that low end snarl/growl type. He includes a guest singer on one cut but otherwise it's all him. The rhythm section functions perfectly as well. I guess props go out to Damian Herring guitarist/vocalist of HORRENDOUS who did the mixing and mastering on here. All in all one of the best death metal albums you'll ever hear this year.

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