Friday, July 27, 2018

SOLILOQUIUM - Contemplations review

SOLILOQUIUM - Contemplations

Transcending Records

A statement from the promo info reads "Fill the void of the KATATONIA hiatus." Whoa there now because that's a bold statement if any. And I thought I was guilty of hyperbole every once in a while. But anyway this is the second full length by SOLILOQUIUM a swedish death/doom act that started in 2011. Originally it was just a side project by two guys, Stefan Nordstrom and Jonas Bergkvist, both of whom are in the bands ENDING QUEST and DESOLATOR. Now it's a full fledged band and with a drummer.

Now to just get the elephant out of the room, yes this is very KATATONIA influenced as well as a few nods to many other melodic death doom acts from Sweden or England. But is it good on it's own? Well I'll say yeah. The songs are very moody, partly depressive with a mix of clean and guttural vocals. Music wise you've got your crushing rhythms, jangling guitar leads, atmospheric breaks, etc. In other words you know the drill and you'll probably like it.

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