Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DERANGED - The Redlight Murder Case CD review

DERANGED - The Redlight Murder Case CD
Regain Records

There's nothing really revolutionary going on here. It's your basic sounding Death Metal played well but not enough to catch one off guard. Yeah I'm always harping on about old fashioned Death Metal being superior but that's as long as there's a few refinements thrown in. DERANGED stick with a format that's predictable and yet at least enjoyable. It's like having friends over your place partying. One of em puts the wrong CD into a jewel case after it's played out. A month or two later you drop said CD into the stereo and it's, "Ah that's not this band". Sure the music is the same as you were expecting but it's not the thing that you really wanted to hear. But what's playing does the job at satisfying whatever cravings you were going through. DERANGED are that way plowing through aggressively onward. Sometimes no frills dining is just as good as getting the whole shebang.


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