Saturday, October 25, 2008

BLACK ALTAR - Death Fanaticism CD review

BLACK ALTAR - Death Fanaticism CD
Odium Rex Records

This is excellent Black Fucking Metal! Imagine GORGOROTH with a little melody and some lite keyboards added. Yeah that's what this Polish outfit is all about. Actually it's just one man, Shadow, whose the genus at work here. Dark Fanaticism lies in that realm between slick over produced commercially accepted Black Metal and the low-fi recorded on Pro-Tools in your home studio brand. It is in here that the best of the beast reigns supreme for true genre purists. This is only his second full length, although he's been recording since the nineties.

Where do you fucking start? Vocally this is incredible since Shadow has a commanding range which consists of throaty harsh screams that will peel paint along with a haunting rasp-like cackle. And then there's that sick fucking twisted laugh on "The Void". That will freak the shit out even the most die-hard Black Metal worshipper whose heard it all. You haven't heard nothing until you listen to this release 10 times in a row. This guy must use hot tar to gargle with to get vocals this intense. Musically this is flawless in style. The keyboards are held in the background to add atmosphere. While the guitars crunch to the point of disfigurement. The drumming is perfect The vocals are up front but do not overpower the music. It almost has that "live" feeling to it as if a full band was playing in front of you on stage. Obviously that's not the case here but then that's why it's so great. Dark Fanaticism is all about invoking dark imagery and a horrific
atmosphere. I'd say Shadow has achieved that goal.

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