Sunday, November 2, 2008

EMPIRE AURIGA - Auriga Dying CD review

Moribund Records

Weirdest release I've listened to this year or should I say so far. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan by way of the apocalypse, EMPIRE AURIGA (aka: Boethius on communications and 90000065B on transmissions) have done their damnedest to expand Black Metal into a realm which consists of droning ambient noise and industrial sound structures. In other words it's what some non-metal folks at Decibal Magazine would call "post modern metal", ah yeah right. By the way I hate JESU and the SWANS were always overrated. People who claim to like that stuff only do it to act superior. In real life they've got the complete collection of EUROPE on their Ipods.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, this release opens with a fucking air raid siren. And I'd like to warn you, don't have the volume up really loud when you push play. Secondly don't be doing anything that extremely loud and blaring noises might shock your concentration causing you to have an accident. For example do not sip coffee when the CD starts. You have been warned. Yes an air raid siren opens up with the song "Time Expanding" which reminds me of a funeral dirge. It's followed by "Sorrowsong" which is a nine minute and change monotonous industrial beast. I was getting drowsy after three minutes. I'm surprised this duo didn't slit their wrists after recording it. But then the next cut "Dreaming of Breath and Stars", with it's dark ambient tones, brought me to a realization. EMPIRE AURIGA want the listeners to kill themselves. Thankfully I'm not weak enough to end it all over a recording.

The rest of this moves on into shoe gazer type territory but still keeping the mechanized atmosphere alive and well. Yeahs ago I was staying with some friends till my new place was ready to move into. The couple would play this video game every night for hours while I tried to read in the kitchen. I forget the name of the game but it had something to do with killing demons and murderers in some type of alternative universe. But it had this monotonous background noise soundtrack. I once described to them as the sound of a living machine on it's death bed. That's what Auriga Dying reminds me of, a soundtrack to video game horror.

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