Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GORATH - Misotheism CD review

GORATH - Misotheism CD
Descent Productions

This third full length from Belgium act GORATH is an impressive piece of Black Metal to say the least. Upon my first initial listen I was at a total loss for words. It's a concept album about religious heresy throughout the ages. The title means hatred of god, "miso" is hatred and "thei" is god. Thankfully there's some extensive liner notes to keep you from feeling lost in their darkness. At times the songs on here are spine shattering blasts of power, only to move off into more atmospheric territory. But once you're feeling comfortable GORATH returns to the chaotic sounds and fury. The vocals are not harsh screaming but instead more guttural shouts and spoken words. There's also Gregorian chants and acoustic guitar passages.

It's a perfect contrast almost like the ideas behind the music. The two most important aspects of religion are pain and pleasure. That's basically what this release is about musically. It breaks you out of every comfort zone you try to position yourself. This is not something you can just drop into the stereo and walk away. There's too much intelligent story telling behind every song.


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