Sunday, November 2, 2008

WITHERED - Folie Circulaire CD review

WITHERED - Folie Circulaire CD
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I just seen WITHERED the night before Halloween otherwise known in my childhood days as "Hell Night". They were touring with WATAIN and BOOK OF BLACK EARTH. On a personal note it was a fantastic show and hopefully you saw it wherever you live. But anyway I've never heard WITHERED's first release instead I only heard two cuts from this CD. So I was totally surprised by them live even with a short set. So now listening to Folie Circulaire isn't not going to bring that live show experience back to life. Especially while I'm listening to it on the computer. Although it's decent enough to enjoy while I write a review. It definitely won't annoy the neighbors. And isn't that what Extreme Music is all about?

After one listen to Folie Circulaire you realize that WITHERED are not a band to be pigeonholed by genre status. This Atlanta band uses everything including their pissed off neighbor's kitchen sink. I'm talking Black, Death, Grind and Doom but heavier on the Death and Grind especially when those blastbeats come flying at you. Normally I don't care for bands that are in constant buffet mode, otherwise known as experimentation. You need to be comfortable in your own musical skin. But where others suffer from this extreme musical pitfall, WITHERED sound as if they invented a whole new genre. Actually they didn't since it's always been called "kitchen sink metal". But seriously who cares whatafuck you call it as long as it's good. Actually when I saw them play I thought of GODFLESH, GRIEF and NAPALM DEATH all rolled into one. And that was before I heard this CD and found out that Barney Greenway from NAPALM DEATH does guest vocals on a couple of songs. Plus they close the disc out with a fucking NECROPHOBIC cover, "Into Armageddon".

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