Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DODSFERD - Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey CD review

DODSFERD - Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey CD
Moribund Records

I am the biggest DODSFERD fan in North Carolina. That's not a boast it's the truth so deal with it. (No I don't run the fan page) So naturally I'm gonna have the newest one by Wrath, aka: Nikos Spanakis the one man Greek Black Metal maniac, as soon as it was available. As for all of you others, the lesser fans, you need this one because it's number one in a three part CD trilogy. Wrath will be releasing the second one early in 2009 and will have the third part done before you've taken this out of your stereo. The man doesn't waste time with meaningless things. He's a Black Metal fucking genius who spares no genre boundaries when it comes to writing and recording his craft. The music is generally the same styled old school Black Metal. It's extremely raw sounding with treble screaming riffs that go on for ever. Then there's the vocals which are really tortured wails of pain, anger and desperation. I'm an expert when it comes to tortured wailing, just look in my basement. But anyway if that sounds exciting to you, the music and not my basement hobby, then you need to pick this latest DODSFERD release up.

As on previous releases there's always a track or two that sounds like Blackened Thrash. On this release it's "I Can Easily Destroy All The Things I Have Created", which has more groove than the crackhead you gave your spare change to this morning, dumbass. Most of the other cuts, there's a total of six altogether, are epic sounding and lengthy. Even the song titles are long like the opener "You Were Talking About a Kingdom; What the Fuck is That!!!" or the follower "The Day You Will All Rot, I Will Bury Forever My Hate"! This is another pattern which Wrath favors on all his releases. Hatred is the way of all things when it comes to the song writing of Wrath/DODSferd. I don't know if it pays the bills but he sure has alot of it to spread around.


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