Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FOLKEARTH - Songs of Yore (acoustic) CD review

FOLKEARTH - Songs of Yore (acoustic) CD
Stygian Crypt Productions

No I'm not drunk on mead. Although I did put a dent in a bottle of it at a friends house back in October. Good stuff and it goes well with homemade pizza. And no it is not a typo. You are reading it right, ACOUSTIC. Your next question is WHY? Well that's cause this is FOLKEARTH and they, as in eighteen musicians from nine countries, have released a stripped down version of "their vision". Basically these are their songs without the Black, Death and Epic Metal overtones. Songs of Yore is more than just a true Folk release. To me this is a test which will uncover the truth behind all of this new Pagan/Folk Metal mania. For all of you out there in the wastelands who say you like this genre then here you go. This is what you'll be hearing when the power goes out. Can you handle it? As for me yes I do. Those of you who have their Father of Victory release will notice that the majority of the songs on here are from that one. Albeit they are the "troo" folked-out versions. Be prepared for plenty of acoustic guitar, harps, flutes, mandolins, violin and accordion.


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