Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MERCILESS DEATH - Realm of Terror CD review

MERCILESS DEATH - Realm of Terror CD
Heavy Artillery Records

Before I even heard this release my friend, Big Jon, was told by someone else that the sophomore effort by this West Coast Thrash outfit was not as good as their debut. True but then the circumstances are different. Before we didn't know what to expect from their debut full length Evil In The Night. Well that's not true since Big Jon, I and a select few who stuck around after a clueless crowd left actually watched MERCILESS DEATH on stage kick fucking ass at Volume 11 Tavern here in Raleigh, NC in 2007. And their debut turned out to be one of our favorite releases of 2007. If we were just choosing one from a Thrash category then it was number one. So you just can't compare the two. And if you are, then you're missing the point about Extreme Metal. So just sell your copy of this and pick up something more your speed like EVILE, TRIVIUM or SANCTITY. Just go to the nearest Big Box store, head to the music section that reads "metal for clueless pussies" and pick up some of that crap. Leave the good stuff for people who actually like "real" Thrash that's not the buffoonish ANTHRAX rehash. Realm of Terror is a perfect follow up release that continues where 2007's Evil In The Night left us hanging for more. At least a few minutes short of thirty which is long enough in Thrash terms. MERCILESS DEATH are simply evil incarnate which is what great Thrash from the past was all about. Think EXODUS, POSSESSED and DEATH ANGEL all rolled into a trio who are doing more than conjuring up past ghosts. This is dancing with corpses who climbed up out of their graves just to keep the pit alive. While clowns debate the "worthy-ness" of the new METALLICA release, I'm blasting this second helping of hell fueled spawn. Wahfuckinhoo!


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