Monday, December 1, 2008

STORMLORD - Mare Nostrum CD review

STORMLORD - Mare Nostrum CD
Locomotive Music

Italians always have a flair for the theatrical which is the case with this release. And it's not over until the fat lady, who does show up in the choir, sings. I'm serious since STORMLORD have spared no genre in order to record this opus. Gothic arrangements relying heavily on the keyboards with Black Metal vocals and Power Metal melodies. Now if your head hasn't exploded just yet you might want to look out for the TYPE O NEGATIVE/69 EYES vocal-isms sprinkled into a few songs amidst the harsh screaming. Touches like that only add to the whole Epic Black Metal-ness of Mare Nostrum. Plus there's this whole Middle Eastern flavor going on in the songs. I hate to say this, ah no I don't, but this is like CRADLE OF FILTH on a Roman holiday. And the fat lady has worked her butt into a few more of the cuts.

Mare Nostrum must be a concept album from the front cover painting of an ancient ship in peril from a sea monster. There's various maritime signature songs like "The Castaway", "And The Wind Shall Scream My Name" and "Legacy Of The Snake", see front cover painting for that one. It's a nine cut orchestrated journey which lasts at least 45 minutes. Any longer and you might jump overboard. After my second listening of this I was ready to drown myself in the bathroom toilet. Which is a nice thing to say about this extremely over produced Gothic sea urchin of a dink. This is grandeur on a depressing scale. Does anyone have an idea what the band was playing on the Titanic the night it sank? If I was going out on a lake in a canoe with a friend and she had this CD on her Ipod. I'd say no thanks toots, I'll swim.

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