Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CANDLEMASS - Lucifer Rising CD/EP + Live review

CANDLEMASS - Lucifer Rising CD/EP + Live
Nuclear Blast Records

This came out late in 2008 as a teaser for fans awaiting the band's next full length. It's technically a CD/EP with two new cuts, a re-recorded classic plus nine live cuts taken from a show of theirs in Athens, Greece. Like I said, technically it's a CD/EP a 70 minute CD/EP. And you wonder why I like this band. The title cut is full on Metal from the past, my past at least. It might turn off older fans but then they just need to get over it. "Lucifer Rising" is a fast paced number which I was waiting for CANDLEMASS to knock out. But just to satisfy ya the next new cut "White God" is pure signature Doom which you expect from CANDLEMASS. But then comes the biggest surprise of all. A re-recorded version of "Demons Gate" from the band's debut Doom pioneering Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. It was one thing for Robert Lowe to step in the shoes of former singer, Messiah Marcolin. But to go back to the beginning and retrace the steps of original vocalist Johan Langquist. Yeah that just shows you the last original band members, bassist Leif Edling and rhythm guitarist Mappe Bjorkman, have so much confidence in Lowe. Speaking of which the live cuts are a mixture of more recent past classics like
"Mirror Mirror", "Samarithan", "Gallows End", and "Solitude" as well as material from their last one King of the Grey Islands. The live material isn't perfect as far as sound quality. On some cuts the Athen's crowd simply takes over the vocals. But if you figure that it's an add on in order to make the studio cuts a worth while deal for this package then who cares. It just makes me what to hear their next full length even more. And isn't that what it's all about.


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