Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Cult Of The Dead CD review

Massacre Records

Euro Thrash bands have always been reliable in having a Satan friendly evil streak in sound, style and attitude as opposed to most of the U.S. brand name stuff. Our biggest export in Hell spawned Thrash will always be SLAYER. And on this release these Dutch metallers have tapped into some Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits. But in no way is this template copying to jump on the new Thrash bandwagon. LEGION OF THE DAMNED have been around for a few years which pre-dates the hype. Yeah I know some people will be like, "oh we've heard all this before." Yeah and it frightened you then didn't it? Check out the cover art, does it offend your inclusive sensibilities? Good now go back under your rock, boy. Personally I much rather listen to something "retro" than that politically correct for college radio indie rock pseudo-metal. This release is stick to the basics style Thrash for people who still have control of their neck muscles after years of head banging. Unfortunately after forty plus minutes of Cult Of The Dead there will be neckbrace fittings for some of you. Relentless pounding percussion and catchy continuous guitar riffs with no room for guitar noodling is what you'll receive. The vocalist sounds like he was weened from the tits of a succubus. All of which is layered in black filth which masquerades as production. The perfect release for slaughtering lambs to.


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