Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ROSE FUNERAL - The Resting Sonata CD review

ROSE FUNERAL - The Resting Sonata CD
Metal Blade Records

On my first observation of the band name and CD title I was thinking "goth band". Ok sure this is from Metal Blade but they've got a christian band in their stable so anything is possible. Plus the CD intro cut "Exordium: The Fall Of Christ" didn't help any. But once the next song "Sodomizer" got going well all doubts were gone. This is Death Metal with more breakdowns than a baptist funeral for a gangbanger killed in a drive-by. I see them on the news alot, they're really pathetic. But anyway if you want some melody or actual song structure then you've got the wrong band atleast for most of The Resting Sonata. The sad truth is that there's a band like ROSE FUNERAL in every town with a Metal scene all across this country. Their saving grace (ouch! that's gonna hurt) are the vocals. This guy, Tim Russell, alternates between screams, growls and those low monster burps in a decent way. But musically most of this is brutality for the sake of being brutal. And bands from South America own that fuckin style. Where's this band from, Ohio? Whatafuck's so brutal about Ohio to influence ROSE FUNERAL? It's definitely not their pro football teams.


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