Saturday, January 3, 2009


THE 1%ers: words from mr.wolf

"How can you listen to that crap?" That was a former employer of mine commenting on the music that was playing at work one afternoon. She had come in unexpectedly one Sunday afternoon while I had IRON MAIDEN's Number of the Beast CD playing on the stereo. My answer to her was, "Knowing that it disturbs you makes it easy." She obviously didn't take my comment very well but then that's just too bad. Some people of lessor intellect might call our verbal sparing just trading insult for insult. But the fact is that the truth is never an insult. A similar circumstance happened with a roommate once. He was addressing the merits of the music he liked to listen to compared to mine. Once again my musical tastes were referred to as crap. The answer I gave him was that my music was supposed to be crap to him. I said that what he liked was also what the majority of people listened to. But my music was exclusive to the few. So to him it should be crap because he wasn't suppose to like it. The artists who created it did so in order to disturb people like him or should I say "common people." It wasn't worth debating what was better of the two. What he considered to be good music is what 99% of other music lovers call good. And that's fine by me because I'm part of the 1% crowd. And I don't care what the other 99% think, I don't have to.

Years ago I stopped using certain genre specific terms to describe what types of music I liked to listen to. The main reason was that there are always two sides to the same coin. You have the mainstream/common side and the Extreme side even though it's all part of the same musical genre. Now I know this zine is all about Metal but I'm still partial to other styles of music. The key factor that all brings them together is that they're all part of the Extreme side of things. So if I were to say Metal to someone and they started talking about the new METALLICA release. I wouldn't know what to say since I couldn't care less about METALLICA. Actually my neighbor did ask me about it and I told him I don't care about it. When he asked what I was listening to of late I told him HATE from Poland. Obviously he had no clue because they don't play HATE on the cheesy mainstream radio stations he listens to. And once again that's fine by me.

You know some people,losers, would think of me as an elitist or a snob. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just wait till you see my Favorites of 2008 list. You'll notice that I'm meat and potatoes Metal, not avant-garde snobbery. The real snobs are the people listening to Prog, Post Rock, Noise and Indie Rock. They're calling all of that crap Metal nowadays. They're calling TORCHE's release the best of 2008. That's a fucking joke but it makes sense to them. Just like the guy who likes hearing the new METALLICA CD on the radio. It's comforting to him. And so here you have these college radio losers who actually hate aggressive music. But they wanna call what they like Metal and also be elitist about it. Obviously they're just part of the 99%ers because they want to water everything down in order to digest it. They can't stomach the hot stuff. The local free weekly liberal newspaper even chose TORCHE's CD the best Metal of 08. Now this paper is notorious for being elitist snobs, loving Obama and hating Metal. They think the term "Death Metal" has too much emphasis on violence. As far as "Black Metal" well they think that term is racist and rather call it Metal from Scandinavian origins. Now I don't care what a bunch of liberals, gender confused or dorm room homosexuals think. They are all part of the 99% bunch. In any conversation I'm involved in when it comes to Metal they just don't matter. Personally I think all of that liberal ilk should be executed by howlizer. But hey I'll leave that to another opinion piece.

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