Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TERMINAL FUNCTION - Measuring the Abstract CD review

TERMINAL FUNCTION - Measuring the Abstract CD
Willowtip Records

Swedish Progressive Death Metal with some horrible sounding keyboards which they use to break things up. There's too much jazz in their sound for my tastes and not enough aggression or intensity. Like a Progressive version of fellow countryman MESHUGGAH but I don't care for their technical tricks of boredom either. This is TERMINAL FUNCTION's debut CD and all eight cuts are totally unlistenable. Actually they're not songs at all but various "abstract" pieces fused together to drive people away with. How do they keep an audience from walking out? This is so lifeless that if I were at one of their gigs I'd be hanging out at the bar till they finished. This is for all those "progressively minded" types who listen to this stuff on headphones, alone in their apartments, on Saturday nights.


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