Thursday, December 29, 2016

MASTER'S HAMMER - Formulæ review


Label: Jihosound Records

Released: 2016

With the exception of a few songs most of the material on here would probably be playing at a gay basement disco in Prague. The dj would announce "here's some MASTER'S HAMMER" then all the leather nazis would come out of the shadows onto the dance floor with their leashes and riding crops. I can see that and it's kinda funny I mean come on with a name like MASTER'S HAMMER? But what's not funny is that this Czech band put out one great album, Ritual, back in 1991 which was more steeped in first wave black metal. Their follow-up full length in 1992 wasn't bad but that's were good things end.

I know some hipster loser will call this experimental, industrial black metal but it's not. It's disco, it's acid house dance music, it's rave for gays. It's pure crap if you are an extreme music fan. I don't fault MASTER'S HAMMER for putting this out. They're grown men, they know what they wanna create and how to make a few Euros on. Be that as it may, I hold no made up allegiance to anyone who chooses to play what I don't like.

Rating: 0/5



Year end of best of lists are either a pissing contest, a handout to friends and advatisers or simply a way to show people the appreciation you have for the music you like. I always try to be the latter. I might've restarted SCUMFEAST METAL 666 this December but I know good extreme music and I know what I like. Without any fanfare or bullshit, here's my top 25 favorite releases for 2016.

1. MIZMOR - Yodh
2. VINDLAND - Hanter Savet
4. WODE - Wode 
5. PHOBOCOSM - Bringer of Drought
6. ULCERATE - Shrines of Paralysis
7. WRETCH - Wretch
8. INTER ARMA - Paradise Gallows
9. INQUISITION - Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
10. ASPHYX - Incoming Death
11. DESTROYER 666 - Wildfire
12. BAPHOMET'S BLOOD - In Satan We Trust
13. INVERLOCH - Distance | Collapsed
14. SUMERLANDS - Sumerlands
15. GRAFVITNIR - Obeisance to a Witch Moon 
16. ABBATH - Abbath
17. KHEMMIS - Hunted
18. FORTERESSE - Thèmes pour la rébellion
19. BLOOD CEREMONY - Lord of Misrule
20. QUICKSAND DREAM - Beheading Tyrants 
21. HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - Dead Revolution
22. GEHENNAH - Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die
23. MOONSORROW - Jumalten Aika
24. SELLSWORD - ...And Now We Ride 
25. DIAMOND HEAD - Diamond Head

FORLET SIRES - Journey Towards Ruin review

FORLET SIRES - Journey Towards Ruin

Label: Cruel Bones

Released: 2016

According to this band's promo info they're a post black metal act. For years I've always refrained from using the term post black metal, or "post-anything" for that matter, since it's a meaningless term. Since your sound has multiple genre styles, how did the black metal portion get the lucky spot behind the "post" prefix? That's why I always use the term "blackened something or other" and for this band it works.

Since this band is from Switzerland, I look at em like a Swiss knife. You've got doses of doom and a splattering of metalish hardcore especially with the almost hoarse vocals.  All of which is being held in place with that atmospheric black metal style kinda like glue. For me the disappointing part is in the vocals. Take the song "The Peak Of Ease" which starts out with a beautiful melodic lightly strummed guitar passage. You know a depressive blackness is about to burst forth but yet the metalcore vocals ruin it. The final cut, out of six, "Worlds Collide" showed promise.

Years ago (which for me is starting to be a repetitive way to start sentences but it's true) I was getting releases by all these French bands. They were calling themselves post black metal meets post hardcore meets post power-violence meets post emo meets whatever the fuck you wanna call it today. Basically you're confused life is represented through your music. You really don't know yet whatafuck you want to be. Fusion only impresses the easily impressed.    

Rating: 1/5

GREYABLAZE - Self Titled review

GREYABLAZE - Self Titled

Label:  Ashen Dominion

Released: 2016

This is a side project by Astargh the mainman from the Ukrainian band ELDERBLOOD. Now while his main gig is fairly symphonic, blackened and decent, GREYABLAZE takes a more tranqual, melodic and very somber approach. The latter effect comes from the added delicate piano accompanments and pleasent guitar lead work. Yeah there's some harshness which blends in well with the overall depressive mood of this five song release. 

Since I have a miserable cold right now, getting my head pummeled by anything audio, like ELDERBLOOD, is not part of the program. GREYABLAZE's self titled debut is the right prescription for today. Although I see this as an EP with just five tracks. Also since the tracks lack titles, only using numerals to define each one, I wonder if this was Astargh's throwaways from ELDERBLOOD's Messiah full length which also came out in 2016. His band's drummer, Odalv, is also in GREYABLAZE. At least the second track could've made it. Then again this could be Astargh showing us his deep sensitive side. Ah I'll stick with his symphonic stuff.

Rating: 3/5

Saturday, December 24, 2016

VENOMOUS CONCEPT - Kick Me Silly VC III review


Label: Season of Mist

Released: 2016

It's been a few years since we heard from these guys, eight in fact. For those of you in limbo this is a side project by BRUTAL TRUTH's Kevin Sharp and NAPALM DEATH's Shane Embury. Basically it's them and some friends getting together to jam some hardcore and grind tunes. The friends on here are NAPALM DEATH's Danny Herrera, Dan Lilker who's played with everybody but still hangs his hat with NUCLEAR ASSAULT and John Cooke from CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR.

As far as the music goes it's basically recycled grindcore which should be expected from a look at the participents. When they do decide to get down to some hardcore it's decent enough. But come on, why bother listening to some guys tip their hats to POISON IDEA when you could just put on Kings of Punk or War All the Time. There's twenty fuckin songs on here. I guess if you're pining for BRUTAL TRUTH-esque material then here ya go.

Rating: 2/5

VEKTOR - Terminal Redux review

VEKTOR - Terminal Redux 

Label: Earache Records

Released: 2016

I wasn't a VEKTOR fan back years ago. In fact I hate all progressive metal especially that bald fuck Devin Townsend. Now that I got that little matter out of the way here's VEKTOR's long awaited third full length. It's been five years since their last release but hey it takes a while to come up with the whole Sci-Fi lyric story plus write the music. It's not like they're robots. Plus during that time, aside from touring, the band moved from their home in Tempe, Arizona to Philadelphia, Pa. That way they can be close to Decibel magazine HQ to kiss their fuckin ass. But I digress.

While plenty of people still wanna lump VEKTOR into the thrash genre for street cred reasons, I think otherwise. VEKTOR is as much a thrash band as DEAFHEAVEN is a black metal act. From the beginning the band was gonna take the technical metal asthetics of VIO-VOD and latter day DEATH to new progressive extremes. They did it on their first two full lengths and Terminal Redux pushes the envelope. I think they're closer to DRAGONFORCE which will probably piss off their fans.

Just to give the band their due, sure when they are in full on thrash mode, like on "Ultimate Artificer" and "Pillars Of Sand", it's pretty cool despite the slight progressive elements within. The guitar work is pure finesse. I can't say I like the raspy black metal vocals. But when I hear a choir vocal, like on "Charging the Void”, I wanna cringe and turn it off. Then there's the length of the songs which I see as way too long at least for seminal thrash band. I mean a thirteen-plus minute closer? Hell I wanted to cut it off when the silly SUPERTRAMP shit kicked in at the six minute mark. After listening to this I cleansed my self by blasting MERCILESS DEATH. 

Rating: 2/5


The Beer: Hoptimist

Brewery: White Street Brewery

Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina

I discovered Hoptimist about a year ago. Whenever I get off early from work I tell my cabbie to stop at a nearby convenient store so I can pick up a six pack or two. The store has a decent selection. So every once in a while instead of getting my usual brand I check out anything that catches my eye. Since I'm a hop-head I immediately saw Hoptimist as a contender for future drinking status. I fuckin love it. Hoptimist is a 7.5er IPA. It's a good drinking beer and it's local which I like to support when I can. Drink a six pack of these and start blasting the music.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

TRAUER - A Walk Into The Twilight review

TRAUER  - A Walk Into The Twilight

Label: Nihilistische KlangKunst / War Against Yourself Records

Released: 2016

Depressive black metal from Germany, yeah it would be great to stop right there with that description but ya know you can't. TRAUER are a two man outfit featuring Neideck, who plays bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and sings, and Arges also on guitar. Depressive in the cannon of black metal genre description has become a relative term over the years. You have your "I'm downing a bottle of vodka and loading a pistol" type depressive. Then there's the "I wanna kill you and then kill myself" depressive. Also there's the "I wanna be epic, cold and grim but I like a little melody" depressive . I think TRAUER falls into that latter category. 

A Walk Into The Twilight is definitely on the raw side production wise, which the True BM crowd demands. Neideck adds a lot of variety to the song structures whether it's some acoustic guitar or the seasoning of keyboards giving texture to the cold guitar riff-age. It's not a total bleak-fest. I didn't take a nap while it played in the background which does happen with this type of music on occasion. You can't crash during a song like "The  Invocation  Of  The  Parasites", can you?

Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

IN MY EMBRACE - Black Waters Deep review

IN MY EMBRACE - Black Waters Deep

Label: Sliptrick Records

Released: 2016

Seriously I left the whole melodic death metal bandwagon years ago. I still keep a few cds but that genre just got too generic. Yeah I know that's funny since I still listen to a lot of black metal. Well be that as it may when I saw this band was from Sweden and supposedly had some blackness to em then I fell out of my chair laughing after which I figured I'd check em out. It's 2016 so who knows maybe they add something to a worn out style of metal. I'm glad I did since IN MY EMBRACE might not be bringing anything new to the party. What they do is decent enough to give em props. 

Black Waters Deep is their debut full length although they've previously released an EP, Dead to Dust Descend, in 2014. Basically it's melodic blackened death metal in speeds of slow sorrowful dirge and fast with medium paced blasting. Vocalist, Kenneth Larsson, has a great emotional guttural voice for this style. The songs on here all (except for the opening intro) have a dark and melodic feel to them, kinda like my ex-wife minus the lawyers of course. It's a good listen.

Rating: 3/5

MAYHEM - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive review

MAYHEM - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive

Label: Season of Mist

Released: 2016

It's MAYHEM Alive 3 and it's in three formats, not counting big package with the patches and t-shirt. Now if it were a long-sleeve then it would be worth it. Whatafuck, where do I start? Well first off the question needs to be asked; What would Øystein Aarseth, aka: Euronymous, say? Ya think he's turning in his grave over this? A few years back the Norwegian Seismology Dept in Oslo reported some tremor activity which surprisingly enough coincided with Varg's release from prison. Further tremors were recorded on the same days new BURZUM releases came out. Well that was just for the first two, for the next ones it was quit calm. 

As for me I think Euronymous would be proud. I mean think about it. This was his opus, his masterpiece which turned out to be the greatest black metal album of all time. (Don't even try to argue) The huge popularity and respect he craved while alive has finally come to bare. Actually this is a good idea for the band as well since that last studio release, Esoteric Warfare, was weak and the tour was ho hum as far as ticket sales. Also ever since Attila Csihar returned to the band in 2004, fans have been asking for this, craving for this.

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive was recorded at Black Christmass in Norrköping, Sweden on December 18, 2015. After all these years that was the first time this classic album was performed in it's entity live. About damm time but then again I don't think former guitarist, Rune Eriksen aka: Blasphemer, was keen on the whole idea. But now with guitarist's Ghul aka: Charles Edward and Teloch aka: Morten Bergeton (who's played live with a who's who of Norwegian black metal acts over the years) we the fans can finally get as close to the whole Euronymous/Blackthorn sound as possible. 

Production quality is perfect, not too much crowd noise but then again they were probably too in awe or too busy taking pictures/recording the performance on their I-phones. Like I mentioned earlier, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive is being released on three formats. You got your double live vinyl, on cd and dvd. I've seen parts of the dvd and it looks cool as well. One more thing, I know there's a few other live MAYHEM releases out there but they're bootlegs. About 9 or 10 years ago all of those recordings were floating on the internet for people to download for free. I know I've got them. I have more MAYHEM releases (studio, live, official and boots) then any other black metal band. So if you're full of yourself right now by clutching some live MAYHEM boot that you paid for, you're a sucker. Nuff Said.

Rating: 5/5




Seven inchers, EPs, Demos, etc, I get em all. These releases don't take much time or a college degree to write about. I'm only going to post reviews of the good stuff.

ABIGAIL/LUSTRUM - Too Wild for the Crowd split 7"

Eternal Death Records

Released:  2016

Nice little split here. ABIGAIL, Japan's filthy spawn of VENOM, have been around so long I've heard young people judge their releases as old or new school. Their two songs on here speed through familiar territory that fans will recognize, filth and fury.

LUSTRUM are a new band from the states featuring members from ONE MASTER and MORGIRION. The two cuts from them are simple first wave black fuckin metal. They like their HELLHAMMER so you know what to expect.

ALCOHOLIC RITES/LUSTRUM - Drunk and in Charge split 7"

Eternal Death Records

Released: 2016

ALCOHOLIC RIGHTS hail from Ecuador, play blackened thrash with a vocalist who sounds like Attila Csihar. That's good enough for me. They've got a full length coming out in 2017  titled Alcohomancy. I'll be on the lookout for that.

As far as LUSTRUM goes, their two cuts on here are better than the ones from their split with ABIGAIL. More first wave black metal with a tinge of punk thrown in for the house party crowd.

ROOT - Hell Symphony (25 Year Anniversary Reissue) review

ROOT - Hell Symphony (25 Year Anniversary Reissue)

Eternal Death Records

Released: 2016

Years ago, going on 10 to be exact, soon after I started SFM666 I hooked up with some PR guys from Eastern Europe. They were the ones who sent me all of that obscure European black,death and folk metal in for review. After a while one of them started asking me how much I knew of the Eastern European metal scene and the various bands. I told him not as much as I wished. Next thing he was sending me all of these older obscure releases, mostly black metal in the vein of NSBM. Another time he asked me about ROOT. I told him yeah they were good but I only had one release by them. Soon after he sent me the complete disography of ROOT. Well it wasn't that complete but it was five full lengths, one of which was Hell Symphony. 

These days almost everyone into black metal knows about ROOT but for the few who don't I'll give ya the skinny. ROOT started out in   Czechoslovakia back in the late 80s when it was still a communist country. Back then while bands like BATHORY and VENOM were metal household names, the term black metal had not made it's way into are lexicon. Over their long career they've amassed a huge discography. Leader and vocalist, Big Boss, is the sole remaining original band member. ROOT is his vehicle, his life. 

Hell Symphony is the ROOT's second full length and arguably their best or at least a cult favorite amongst fans. I think it's a fuckin classic. Musically it stands more in the vein of thrash, death and traditional metal. People schooled in the second or third wave traditions of black metal might not get the whole concept and cult status of ROOT. Be that as it may here's another reissue of Hell Symphony for your vinyl collection, which you never play anyway. 

Rating: 5/5

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ETERNAL CHAMPION - The Armor of Ire review


Label: No Remorse Records

Released: 2016

After listening to this Texas' band's debut full length I'm thinking MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL, Conan the Barbarian, etc. ETERNAL CHAMPION are conjuring up the ghosts of traditional heavy metal musically and artistically if you look at the cd cover. Years ago once the whole thrash revival peetered out, the next big revival became the new wave of traditional heavy metal. There were a lot of cool bands that came from that and these Texans continue the fight. Now with many of those acts they chose the high road, playing in the old style but bringing it up to date in sound and production.  ETERNAL CHAMPION chose to go for authenticity. 

The Armor of Ire could easily have been some newly discovered gem from the 80s that labels like Heaven & Hell or Shadow Kingdom found the original tapes to and decided to reissue. Of course afterwards you'd have a flurry of ebay activity by collector scum all trying to get their dirty cheeto stained fingers on a copy of the original release. Yeah that happens.

When I say ETERNAL CHAMPION chose the authentic path I mean they nail it. The band named themselves after a fictional charactor from  English fantasy and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock. The songs are basically the tales of the Eternal Champion. You could call this a concept album of sorts. But this band's essence is always going to be it's adherance to classic American heavy metal whether it's the muffled vocals, the guitar harmonies, the cool no nonsense guitar solos, etc. As far as the genre goes I love this. I am the Hammer, Hails.

Rating: 5/5

Monday, December 19, 2016

CTULU - Self Titled review

CTULU - Self Titled

Label: MDD Records

Released: 2016

Blackened, Lovecraftian something or other from these Germans at least that's what I get out of listening to the new one by CTULU. Yeah I know this band from years ago at a time when I was getting a lot of extreme and obscure stuff in for review from Europe. I actually got a CD of their's packed away in one of my containers in the storage bin. The moving in to my new place process is slow. Be that as it may it's been 3 years since CTULU has released anything other than having their previously sold out 2011 CD, Sarkomand, reissued this year. According to the band they've been "collecting pathetic disappointments for three years now and transformed them into hate."

On this new one CTULU have moved more towards the blackened death vein although they still throw hints of post 1994 era MAYHEM, especially on cuts like "Totenhauswinde" and "Dämmerung". There's that similarity within the pummeling riffs and frantically paced blast-beats. The rest of this is standard blackened death with simple chugging riffs, hoarse vocals (what happened to rasps and chanting from the early days?) mid tempo breaks to dampen the intensity. Sorry guys but I just don't feel the call.

Rating: 2/5

FORTERESSE - Thèmes pour la rébellion review

FORTERESSE - Thèmes pour la rébellion

Label: Sepulchral Productions

Released: 2016

I first learned about FORTERESSE back in 2009. Some magazine had an article about the Quebec black metal scene and they were featured in it. The piece was interesting enough that I wanted to check out  FORTERESSE. Since I was doing SFM666 at the time I just emailed one of my PR contacts (a guy who use to send me all this obscure black metal releases) to see if he knew how to get me something to hear and review from the band or their label, Sepulchral Productions. Well it took some time but the guy finally came through with the band's Les hivers de notre époque release from 2008. Although it was cool that I got it, I nixed the idea of a review since it was a year old (actually it was closer to two). Still it was a decent release but I never bothered to keep up with them as far as their future releases and career went. That was up until this year around August when I read about this release. 

Obviously FORTERESSE have moved on from their basic second wave blackened style of eight years ago plus they've dropped the folksy stuff as well. Sound-wise they've become fuller, colder and down right mean, not that they weren't all that years ago. It just feels like now their music has a clear sense of purpose beyond that of just being good sounding black metal. Things have been given room to grow. The riffs have a bigger bite as well as variety. The tremolo picked leads are like icy needles stabbing you. The rhythmic intensity throughout is far more fierce and yet they allow room for a fluid melody to it all. Yeah this is still angry in your face black metal. The vocals are pure volatile but it's not out to exploit but to explain to the listener, "we're pissed and here's why, join us".

Thèmes pour la rébellion is a concept album (there's your "purpose") about a failed attempt in 1837-38 by the people, in what we now call Quebec, who wanted sovereignty and a homeland. Obviously there's still a lot of animosity up there and bands like FORTERESSE are supporters of Quebec nationalism.  The release opens with the muffled sounds of shouting and gunfire. You hear someone's footsteps across a wooden floor then a door opening as if giving witness to the rebellion. Then the music commences and chaos ensures just like the cover of Thèmes pour la rébellion depicts. All in all a great release.

Rating: 5/5

Saturday, December 17, 2016

FACES OF THE BOG - Ego Death review

Label: Self Released
Released: 2016

According to this band promo info they were "conceived in a dingy practice space in the fall of 2011 in Humboldt Park, Chicago". IN OTHER WORDS the band started out in a $100 a month rental storage unit in a part of Chicago where they weren't likely to get robbed or get lead poisoning if ya know what I mean. Next "the band relies heavily on atmosphere and mood to create melodic textures accompanied by crushingly brutal riffs, guiding its listeners through a psychedelic journey all the while". IN OTHER WORDS they smoked a lot of pot inside that storage bin over the years until one day one of the band members suggested that they turn some of their jams into songs. 

 Ok that's probably not true (or is it?) since listening to this a bunch of times. They could be straightedge for all I know. One thing you can't call them is generic. FACES OF THE BOG come from that sludgy side of the street but on this their full length debut this Chicago four piece stretches the genre's boundaries. At first listen I wasn't too impressed but I just kept listening to their songs and allowed their formula to take over. I'm happy I did. I can't say I love all the cuts on here but for the ones I do, well they're worthy of your attention. Songs might not be the right word description. Cuts like "The Serpent & The Dagger" and "Drifter in the Abyss" are more like sludgy psych damaged interpretations of tales from a book handed to them by some traveler from the astral plane. Look at the cover art to see what inspired me to write that line. The band uses powerful chunks of sludge riffs as a tribal summons with added barked vocals. Later on a calm clean ritualistic vocal tells the tales

The title cut is probably the most head crushing moment on here and even that's partially tinged with some psych/progressive elements. Their opus is "Blue Lotus" is an eleven and a half minute sludge/psych closer with touches of HAWKWIND meeting NEUROSIS for a toke in an alley behind a nightclub. You can't help having the song dragging you along to the point where you lose sight of what you were doing. Kinda like the time I saw this red eyed albino dude in downtown. I stopped and stared at em as he walked by on the other side of the street. Then I ended up following him for a few blocks until I realized oh shit I've got to get to work.

If you're interested then you can buy this from the band's Bandcamp site. Then again you can wait it out because in the Spring of 2017 DHU Records will be releasing Ego Death on vinyl as a  2X LP. Hopefully it's a gatefold sleeve because that way you can listen to the music while you clean your weed. Ah yes, memories from the 70s. Pass me the bong, I think I'm Ozzy.

Rating: 3/5

Friday, December 16, 2016

VINDLAND - Hanter Savet review

VINDLAND - Hanter Savet
Label - Black Lions Productions
Released - 2016

If you would have told me in January that in December the one black metal release on almost everyone's end of year best of lists (everyone with good taste that is) would be by a little known band from France who could just as well be a WINDIR tribute act, I would of said "In 2016? Yeah sure". Yes I am serious because after all of these years, especially listening to and watching all the craziness in the black metal scene, nothing really surprises me much. Think about it, here you have a band that put out a demo in 2007 and an obscure seven song self released ep, Ancestors' Age, in 2009 (which no one knew about, don't bullshit me) and puts out a full length in 2016 that sounds exactly like a beloved Norwegian, albeit second tier, black metal act. Hell five years ago genre enthusiasts would be screaming "FALSE"! But nowadays this band's been getting a million keystrokes of praise. Go figure?

As always let me be brutally honest with you. After listening to Hanter Savet a few times I pulled out my copies of WINDIR's Likferd and 1184 (yeah I know I'm not a completest go ahead call me names, fuck you) Next I started playing them together to see how close a comparison between the two bands was. Yeah well after a while I got confused. Has anyone asked VREID what they think? So let's just cut to the chase. VINDLAND's Hanter Savet is an absolutely beautiful sounding release. It's melodic black metal with such a rich tone that carries you along. And sure let's just toss out all the cliches shall we? It's epic, it's majestic sounding, I can feel my pagan blood rushing through my veins. Well not really I was born in New Jersey but you get the idea.

Supposedly band mainman, Camille Lepallec, spent four years writing/working on Hanter Savet. That's obvious just by listening to the well balanced amount of melodic riffs versus the exquisite harmonies. The way the time signatures simply flow with their changes without being jolted out of your seat. The subtle allowance of lead guitar work as if it were decorations to complement instead of mandatory requirements. Musically that's the basic draw to this style of black metal. As far as the vocals go, they're what I like to call "real guy harsh" touched with the various emotional throes of triumph and sadness. There's plenty of ambient (atmospheric dude) intros, outros and in song segues to give you time to pause and reflect or in my case go to the toilet.

Yeah Hanter Savet follows the whole blackened pagan/folk genre to the hilt. I have no qualms about that since I'm a genre fan. Also I'm not going into discussing the individual cuts. Releases like this are best looked upon as a body of work much like a classical piece of music as opposed to a collection of songs, which there are nine with only one I'd consider long at eleven minutes plus. Nor am I impressed or jaded enough to care that the lyrics are sung in Breton which is a language from the VINDLAND's home in Britianny, France. Let's be honest, 90% of black metal vocals are a mix of rasps, howls, wails and grunts. If it weren't for lyric sheets you wouldn't know whatafuck they were singing about.

Perfection is a rarity in my book and in metal music so Hanter Savet does have a few scratches upon it's pristine surface. After repeated plays things get monotonous and that wandering off feeling turns to nap time. I found folding laundry while this played to be a fitting chore. Sorry there's no ice giants or trolls in the back woods for me to slay anymore not since the woods were torn down and replaced by a high end housing project. Be that as it may Hanter Savet is a great release. Is it a tribute to Valfar of WINDIR, did his spirit inspire VINDLAND to continue on with his musical legacy (because VREID sure as hell didn't) or is it simply a very well done cloning of WINDIR? For now I don't know that answer and I wouldn't trust any metal media scribe who believes they do. I'll just place this in my own list of 2016's best.

Rating: 5/5

Thursday, December 15, 2016

ZOMBIESLUT - Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery review

ZOMBIESLUT - Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery

Label - Zombification Media

Released - 2016

Ya know I remember six or seven years ago when the whole New School of Old School Death Metal revival started. First you had these young Swedes reworking old riffs from bands like MERCILESS, NIHILIST and GRAVE. Don't get me wrong, I loved every bit of it. Then here in the states you had equally sick and twisted youths re-doing old AUTOPSY and INCANTATION. It was two good years of death doom mania up until the mainstream discovered what was happening and well history repeated itself. By 2012 it was like wow this band sounds exactly like a Left Hand Path/Into The Grave tribute band. Nowadays you can't swing a dead hipster at a Guitar Center store without hitting a guitarist looking for the right pedals to give him that "old school sound dude". 

I say that with an air of disgust since I've endured this release by Germany's ZOMBIESLUT for what seems like an eternity but it's really only been a day. Ya know if you're really into extreme metal and a band comes along with the name ZOMBIESLUT, you pretty much know what to expect. In all honesty I was thinking porno grind or at least these Germans were the unintended offspring of the guys from  MORTICIAN or INFERNAL TORMENT. I was wrong. This ep is basically old school death metal which is cool but there's nothing that stands out or apart from a third rate demo from 1987. Also there's the one missing ingredient, an insane spine ripping guitar solo in any of their songs. I mean whatafuck do these guys play weddings?

Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery is basically a teaser ep for their forthcoming third full length, Death Propaganda. You have six cuts, two are new and four are re-recorded tracks from the band's debut lp, Braineater from 2010. A teaser, are you kidding me? Hell listening to this I feel like I'm in an elevator with this playing over head. I'm tapping the husky receptionist in front of me to please push a button, any button. I just wanna get out and fuck it I'll take the damm stairs. Hopefully this is throwaway tracks and their new one rips a little better.

Rating - 2/5



Label - Hecatombe Records

Released - 2016

This band's promo info starts out as follows; "The beginning of BOLESNO GRINJE was back in the year 2000, when two enthusiasts Hoc and Rio started rehearsing with the idea to make something new on the Croatian underground scene." Ok so now all of you low information metal heads are problably asking yourselves A) Do I really care about the Croatian underground scene? And B) ahhh, were's Croatia? Well the answer to the first question is maybe, if you're into death metal and grind. As for the second question, just forget it. 

For those of you who remember the previous years of Scumfeast Metal 666 (2009 - 2012), yours truly use to write about a lot of eastern European underground metal bands, mainly because they fuckin sent me their stuff in for review. And honestly, most of it was decent or even equal to the stuff that some of the larger well known metal labels were releasing at the time. While the hiptards were drooling over alt-metal shit I was discovering anger, pain and hostility inspired extreme metal. Thankfully on my return things haven't changed, for example this one.

It's been a long 16, going on 17, years since BOLESNO GRINJE was in it's embryo stage. Right now Hoc, the bassist, is the sole remaining band member.  Also since 2002 even with the band's various line-up changes they've managed to put out a hefty catalog of releases. They've got twelve in all and eight of em are full lengths which includes this one. Also if you're wondering, BOLESNO GRINJE translates to English as "Sick Mites". After listening to this I assure you they're aptly named.

I've been blasting GRD on continuous play for a few hours now. It's a twenty-eight minute release with ten cuts so yeah that's a long time. Labeling these guys as simply death/grind seems a bit limiting. Sure most of it could well distinguish BOLESNO GRINJE as Croatia's answer to BRUTAL TRUTH. (well maybe in a junior role) Sure it's fast, death metal heavy and their vocalist, Angeri, has a power violent roar that can pulverize concrete. The opener, (Rstrgn" (aka: Torn apart) proves that as well as dictating to the listener you're about to get your head smashed and you will like it. But unlike the typical death/grind acts, BOLESNO GRINJE explores different extreme styles whether it's metalish hardcore, "Genijalci" (aka: Geniuses) to cool headbanging death and roll, "Asimilacija" (aka: Assimilation). The rest of GRD is decent death/grind which should make genre obsession-ists on the alert to find this release.

Rating 4/5

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

<> <> THE RETURN I'm back! <> Yeah ok so why did I stop doing SCUMFEAST METAL 666, what have I been doing and why did I return? Hmmm? Well the reasons I could give you are not exciting. Trust me I wish it was but alas I'm left to being private about all of that. So instead I've come up with some bullshit, ya know total fucking lies, which you'll probably like more than the truth. Hey people its the internet and not only do some of the people you trust dish out bullshit but you eat it up as if it were candy. The difference between those other people and me is that I admit that what you are about to read is total bullshit. But it does sound cool. Shall we? <> QUESTION 1: Why did I stop doing SFM 666? The metal scene was inundated with way too many hipsters so I just went underground until they all left. I mean seriously a few years ago there were hipsters everywhere and especially on the internet. It got so bad that I become hipster paranoid. Seriously if you remember some of my past reviews I was spewing so much hate on hipsters that a music forum site banned me from posting my reviews because they believed hipsters should be protected from hate speech and verbal bullying. (ok that part about being banned from a site is true. Actually I got banned from plenty of Facebook event posts as well because of my "negative comments about people who may or may not be hipsters.") When I'd come home late at night I entered my house with my pistol drawn just in case there was a hipster inside waiting, by my record collection of course. One night I was hanging out at my favorite local dive bar and in walked a bunch of hipsters. I got up, went to the men's room and immediately called the FBI on my cell phone. I explained to the person on the other end of the phone that I was at a bar and some suspicious looking individuals walked in. I described them as having long beards, thick rimmed eyeglasses, spoke in a language I couldn't understand and they were all dressed in a similar fashion that just didn't look right. The man on the phone asked me if I thought they were Islamic terrorists? I told him no but they are hipsters which is basically the same thing. They both hate our Western ways, seek to destroy everything we love and want us to conform to their ways or die. Would you believe the FBI guy hung up on me? Seriously it got so bad that if I was in a deep sleep and someone threw a bucket of water on me I'd wake up screaming "I Hate You Fuckin Hipsters!" But I'm back to say I'm better now. Are the hipsters all gone? Well not really in fact plenty of em are embedded within the metal scene. The good thing is that, despite our leaders trying to down play the threat of hiptardism, a majority of metal fans recognize the threat and are fighting back. A few years ago terms like "hiptard", "indie rock loser" and "pitchfork reading pussy" were considered hate speech. But now they are rallying cries to fight back against the invading minority of hiptards. If they don't want to assimilate into the metal scene then get the fuck out. We don't care about your ambient noise, your melodic heavy sounding bands or your love of Townes Van Zant. We know the enemy and they are the scensters, the posuers, the trendies, the coffeehouse worms, the post grad liberal losers, the neo hippies who babble on about psych, proto doom and the return of post rock, the new wannabe punk chic/hardcore pc ilk and finally the media cocksuckers who fuel their terrorism of bad music taste. The face of hiptardism will be covered by a size 13 vibrum soled black work boot. To paraphrase the immortal words of OD from the movie Terrorvision, "Hey hipster dude, you like Metal? Then kiss the boot." Update: Ok it was fun writing that back then but the truth is yes I Hate Hiptards but my second career as a chef at a cool restaurant kinda takes precedent over much of my time to write. I come home late at night, most of the time with a six pack of good beer (strong IPAs), play metal or punk music and post Youtube vids on Facebook of what I'm listening to. Then I post comments about politics or social issues to piss thin skinned people off. QUESTION 2: Once again, why did I stop doing SFM 666? Well once I saw people in the metal media slobber over that BARONESS release, Green and Yellow, I kinda figured it was (in the immortal words of Yogi Berra) "Deja Vu all over again." Remember the 1990s? I do very well. That was when you had the first invasion of losers into the metal scene who started promoting crap like "nu metal", "rap metal" (which could be the same thing) and "alternative metal" (which is an oxymoron but it comes with the territory). Back then I despised all of that crap and still do. So a few years ago I saw a return of the dumb shit but with a new bunch of ass clowns promoting genre terms like "thinking man's metal", "post black glaze", "progressive ambient noise" and "proto doom". For a while I just walked away from the interwebs, laughed it off and devoted time and energy into my second career. After a year I moved onto inebriation with the help of high alcohol IPAs, ya know the one's that hiptards say they love but can't afford to buy because they're always broke. I moved onto listening to every record, cd and tape I own along with drinking copious amounts of high alcohol IPAs. It was always fun to come home late at night from work, actually early morning since I work vampire hours, drink a six pack then follow it up with a higher alcohol content four pack and play various extreme music. At the same time I'd be posting videos of said music from You Tube onto Facebook with comments like; "It's 3:47 AM, I'm on my fifth Hoppium and playing VADER. Who else does that?" Then again I might post something like this; "It's Sunday night, well actually it's Monday morning but who's counting except me and I'm on my second Detour Double IPA so here's the MENTORS because Duce Saves." Then again I could get down right mean by saying; "If I ever see some beardo fuckface drinking a Hopnosh I'm gonna slap it outta his hands and tell em to keep your filthy hands off of beer and my metal ya douce bag. I'll rip that phoney beard off your face and expose your pimples to the world acne boy. Here's some MAYHEM. Deathcrush aka True Norwegian Black Metal, Black Fuckin Metal." So now I just figured what the hell, why waste all those words on my friends when I can go back and do it on SFM666. Update: Yeah that's all true. Although I'm drinking a wider selection of beers. Hiptards can't afford what I drink and they never tip at bars. QUESTION 3: Ok lets try this again, why did I stop doing SFM 666? Well have you ever heard of internet trolls? They are these losers who spend all of their time online, because they don't work (either their parents take care of them or they're living on unemployment). So while online they troll the internet and attack anyone or anything they disagree with which is just about everyone. The trolls in the metal scene are real shitbags. Everything they ever learned about metal they learned on the internet. Most of the music they have came from downloading. They all started out on Myspace and became trolls on various forum sites. Because they're computer savvy they can whip out various factoids, web addresses, You tube vids, etc, faster then your average computer user. Well nowadays if some people disagree we're adults about it, yeah even on the internet but the trolls. So if you post a negative review of a release on a forum site that a troll likes then not only will they barrage you with insults on that site but they go further. They have plenty of free time on their hands to troll your website/blog in order to find whatever personal info you let fly. They then go after you on social media, find your email address and then with a little help from their troll friends, either hack your info or send you a virus. One time a few years back I posted a review on a forum site which was a negative one about a band who was being over hyped in my not so humble opinion. While the comments were a mixed bag of equal parts agree to disagree, one guy acted as if I committed a unforgivable sin which he felt needed avenging. So for a week every insult he threw at me I countered with far better one at him. This drove him insane and his insults turned to threats. After I informed him that his complete loss of sanity in the discussion was proof that he lost the argument I left the site for a few weeks. When I finally returned, because I got curious to see what had happened after my departure from the site, I couldn't believe what I found. This loser kept arguing. Worse yet he posted links to the thread of other reviews I had written about releases he liked but I didn't and went about pointing out every thing he believed I was wrong about. I just couldn't help myself so I posted a link to a mental institution's website and told him to get his parents to rent him a room there immediately. His answer, which was quick, was that I should count the days because he was going to destroy me. I just blew it off and never posted anything on that forum site nor did I go there again. A few weeks later I started receiving emails from Yahoo on my Yahoo email account that I needed to change my password. I never answered them. Then one day my virus protection sever notified me that I had a virus and needed to do system check which I did. Bamm, a virus fried my pc. I couldn't get onto the internet to fix it either. Now do I believe the troll caused it? I don't know at least back then I didn't think it could be done. People/bands were always sending me music to review and I'd download music files thinking they were safe. Over the past few years I've learned that these internet trolls are smart albeit fascist shitbags who love progressive causes (yes people, fascists are progressives). All in all I was out of a computer, just starting a new job and couldn't afford a new one. To make matters worse I was relocating to a new residence and had to spend money on more important things. But now I'm back and as Caesar once said, "Here I Stand and oh yeah, Fuck the Trolls". Update: Ah yeah that is true. I think it's amazing what people who are against freedom of speech can do on the internet as opposed to my days in print media. QUESTION 3: Ok lets try this once more with feeling, why did I stop doing SFM 666? Ok, just like millions of other people in 2009 I ran into some hard times economically. The business I worked for shut down. I lost my house and ended up moving around alot. Yeah life sucked but I fought. It took a while but I finally got a good job and a shithole place to live but my priorities were work and keeping a roof over my head. Doing the blog was always on my mind but in the back. Eventually I got into a simple pattern of working my ass off and coming home to wind down usually with a six pack of good craft beer. Then I started the rebuilding process. Got a new laptop, nice clothes, still bought music and went to shows occaisionally when I didn't have to work (a rarity). After a few years I moved up the ladder at work and now make decent money. The last part was to get out of the shithole living space and into something better which is where I'm at now. Whoooooo! SCUMFEAST METAL 666 - The Future So yeah I'm back now, wiser and maybe meaner than before. I'm not going back to the usual format of just writing about music. I've got so much to share and it might be about movies, the media, personal observations, food and yeah music. As far as the music goes, it might be other than metal. I like a lot of genres of music but all good ones of course. So we'll just have to see how it goes. Finally, I just wanna say that over the past couple of years I've seen hope for the whole Extreme Music scene. Back in 2009 it was the height of hiptardism and complete banality. But sometimes you see cracks in the wall of confusion. I remember being at a CARCASS show and was overwhelmed at seeing a lot of old school metal/punk friends as well as a whole new younger generation of extreme music fans going nuts. I was like "hell yeah, this is the way it should be." When I was at the last SAINT VITUS show, no Wino but yeah Scott on vocals, I was like "wow no beardo losers and the local hipster writer for the local hiptard/liberal/socialist/idiot paper was not there as well." So yeah things are better now.