Thursday, December 29, 2016

FORLET SIRES - Journey Towards Ruin review

FORLET SIRES - Journey Towards Ruin

Label: Cruel Bones

Released: 2016

According to this band's promo info they're a post black metal act. For years I've always refrained from using the term post black metal, or "post-anything" for that matter, since it's a meaningless term. Since your sound has multiple genre styles, how did the black metal portion get the lucky spot behind the "post" prefix? That's why I always use the term "blackened something or other" and for this band it works.

Since this band is from Switzerland, I look at em like a Swiss knife. You've got doses of doom and a splattering of metalish hardcore especially with the almost hoarse vocals.  All of which is being held in place with that atmospheric black metal style kinda like glue. For me the disappointing part is in the vocals. Take the song "The Peak Of Ease" which starts out with a beautiful melodic lightly strummed guitar passage. You know a depressive blackness is about to burst forth but yet the metalcore vocals ruin it. The final cut, out of six, "Worlds Collide" showed promise.

Years ago (which for me is starting to be a repetitive way to start sentences but it's true) I was getting releases by all these French bands. They were calling themselves post black metal meets post hardcore meets post power-violence meets post emo meets whatever the fuck you wanna call it today. Basically you're confused life is represented through your music. You really don't know yet whatafuck you want to be. Fusion only impresses the easily impressed.    

Rating: 1/5

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