Thursday, December 29, 2016

GREYABLAZE - Self Titled review

GREYABLAZE - Self Titled

Label:  Ashen Dominion

Released: 2016

This is a side project by Astargh the mainman from the Ukrainian band ELDERBLOOD. Now while his main gig is fairly symphonic, blackened and decent, GREYABLAZE takes a more tranqual, melodic and very somber approach. The latter effect comes from the added delicate piano accompanments and pleasent guitar lead work. Yeah there's some harshness which blends in well with the overall depressive mood of this five song release. 

Since I have a miserable cold right now, getting my head pummeled by anything audio, like ELDERBLOOD, is not part of the program. GREYABLAZE's self titled debut is the right prescription for today. Although I see this as an EP with just five tracks. Also since the tracks lack titles, only using numerals to define each one, I wonder if this was Astargh's throwaways from ELDERBLOOD's Messiah full length which also came out in 2016. His band's drummer, Odalv, is also in GREYABLAZE. At least the second track could've made it. Then again this could be Astargh showing us his deep sensitive side. Ah I'll stick with his symphonic stuff.

Rating: 3/5

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