Saturday, December 24, 2016

VEKTOR - Terminal Redux review

VEKTOR - Terminal Redux 

Label: Earache Records

Released: 2016

I wasn't a VEKTOR fan back years ago. In fact I hate all progressive metal especially that bald fuck Devin Townsend. Now that I got that little matter out of the way here's VEKTOR's long awaited third full length. It's been five years since their last release but hey it takes a while to come up with the whole Sci-Fi lyric story plus write the music. It's not like they're robots. Plus during that time, aside from touring, the band moved from their home in Tempe, Arizona to Philadelphia, Pa. That way they can be close to Decibel magazine HQ to kiss their fuckin ass. But I digress.

While plenty of people still wanna lump VEKTOR into the thrash genre for street cred reasons, I think otherwise. VEKTOR is as much a thrash band as DEAFHEAVEN is a black metal act. From the beginning the band was gonna take the technical metal asthetics of VIO-VOD and latter day DEATH to new progressive extremes. They did it on their first two full lengths and Terminal Redux pushes the envelope. I think they're closer to DRAGONFORCE which will probably piss off their fans.

Just to give the band their due, sure when they are in full on thrash mode, like on "Ultimate Artificer" and "Pillars Of Sand", it's pretty cool despite the slight progressive elements within. The guitar work is pure finesse. I can't say I like the raspy black metal vocals. But when I hear a choir vocal, like on "Charging the Void”, I wanna cringe and turn it off. Then there's the length of the songs which I see as way too long at least for seminal thrash band. I mean a thirteen-plus minute closer? Hell I wanted to cut it off when the silly SUPERTRAMP shit kicked in at the six minute mark. After listening to this I cleansed my self by blasting MERCILESS DEATH. 

Rating: 2/5

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