Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ABYSMAL GRIEF - Reveal Nothing review

ABYSMAL GRIEF - Reveal Nothing

Terror from Hell Records

It's kinda early for Halloween but when you're celebrating twenty years as a band who cares. ABYSMAL GRIEF climbed out of the grave back in the late 90s and over time have become the go to purveyors (along with fellow countrymen DEATH SS) of Occult/Gothic metal. What's up with Italian metalheads and the whole Gothic trip, Hammond organs and doom? Must be living around all of those cathedrals or something. 

Anyways many years ago ABYSMAL GRIEF climbed out of an Italian graveyard running by releasing their debut EP, Exsequia Occulta. Since then they've kept their hearse full of gas (ok it's horse drawn) by putting out a bunch of stuff all in the whole Occult Gothic doom metal genre. Years ago after I did a review of a DEATH SS compilation (All the Colors of the Dark - The Very Best of Death SS, to be precise) a girl I know asked me what I thought of ABYSMAL GRIEF. I told her, TYPE O NEGATIVE with keyboards, which is a spot on description. You could also say the vocals are kinda reminiscent of Zacherle the "cool ghoul" horror host on a few cuts.

So here we have a compilation by ABYSMAL GRIEF that contains all of the cuts from their singles, splits and 7’’, plus one unreleased track. Now unless you're from Italy (or a ghoul who wears a BAUHAUS shirt every day) then you probably don't own any of this original material. Therefore it's your lucky day goth-y. Since Occult metal has been the flavor of the era, well maybe over the past five years, then this comp comes out at a perfect time.

Now don't be a fuckin cheapo and get the digital download. Get the box set which by the way actually is a wooden box. Along with this CD you get an ABYSMAL GRIEF pin, poster and a t-shirt. Also if ya live in the states you get a stick of incense. Yeah I know, fuck the incense that's why you need to get the Euro version with includes a velvet pouch with cemetery dirt. Now that's cool as fuck albeit cheesy.    

Rating: 5/5

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