Saturday, January 28, 2017

AETHYR - Uncanny Valley review

AETHYR - Uncanny Valley

Last Candle Productions

Whoa, busy night at work made even tougher because one of the young guys was playing his music. Now if you know what twenty-somethings today like musically, especially when they think they're hip, then you know what I went through. I just kept telling myself that I'm coming home to listen to some cool ambient black metal tonight, which I am.

Whenever I tell people that black metal can be very beautiful it's because of music like this. AETHYR are from Greece and on this release they cover the bases whether a slight harsh tone on opener "A New Journey" and "The Threshold" or a more somber meme like "Into the Grey Woods" which takes you on a journey. It's on this latter tune where I think AETHYR is at their best. This ain't original but it's certainally not typical of what Greek black metal bands of the past have given us. 

Unfourtunately the band has a story which must be told. AETHYR actually started out in 2007 and released a demo. The tracks on here were recorded a few years later, aka: another demo. Now the band, which I think is a two piece act, promises new stuff this year. Hopefully they can expand on what we have here. There's five cuts on here and the ones I mentioned are the best.

Rating: 2/5

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