Saturday, January 28, 2017

ARKANA CODE - Brutal Conflict review

ARKANA CODE - Brutal Conflict

Metal Scrap Records

So if I said Italian Death Metal, who would come to mind other than say FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE? Yeah it is a tough question but don't feel so bad since the nation is not known for being overflowing purveyors of that particular metal genre. Be that as it may one listen to ARKANA CODE's second full-length Brutal Conflict and you'll remember them because they'll remind you of modern Swedish melodic death metal.

Now technically that's not a bad thing in fact you could just say yeah these Italians are just as good as the Swedes and they have better cheese. But like I said this is modern style as in ya got your melodies hammered out by brutal riff masters that are slightly technical and that includes the leads. The vocals are the usual mix of brutal growls and harsh screams although they do give some time to spoken whispers during atmospheric song structure breaks.  

This is also a concept album, yeah really. Supposedly the lyrics have been decrypted from an ancient code that talks about an ancestral civilization that died in a terrible way. Sounds like something Graham Hancock should get into. Anyways this release is decent enough for fans but not over the top for people like me who crave insanity.

Rating: 2/5

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