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BLISTER - No Good Deeds review

BLISTER - No Good Deeds

Self Released

review by Andy

Ok full disclosure. Blister is a band I'm good friends with. I have performed with over the years. And sang back up vovals on one song on this CD.  So yeah I may be just a little biased in reviewing this. But I honestly believe everything I'm about to say. And so should You. Hopefully Wolf will also review this. Offering a slightly less biased veiwpoint. Or better Yet it would be great to get somebody thats never heard em. To review it. But anyway since the local weekly won't review it. Somebody has to right. 

Blister is a important band around Here. They have been at it over 20 years in the Raleigh area. Playing every rock club and quite a few redneck holes in the walls. Surrounding areas of the triangle. I was often there as a friend and witness. Blister bassist Natasha Fatale died imediatly after recording Her parts for this album. She was dearly loved By their fans & friends. Like ANTiSEEN its not entirely clear how they can continue. without such a key member.

 But since they have played a few shows. With temporary guests on bass. The Natasha tribute shows Were played. The Natashafest DVD came out. Several bands have covered & recorded Blister songs in tribute. Including My own band KIFF.  So while for over 20 plus years. Blister has or was. Terminaly ignored. By local media, print , radio, hipters, cool kids, punk scenesters, clicksters etc. They always had their friends and fans. Its a shame Natashas gone.  

Onto the meat & potatoes of the review. Simply put. This is the best thing they ever did. simply put this is one of the greatest punk rock releases to ever come out of the Raleigh area.  In the past I always thought of Blister as a grunge rock band (they did form in that era).  But as a grunge rock band that was influenced by punk & even classic rock or garage rock. They evolved with each album. Better songwriting, Better recordings. And just a little punker each time. Their previous album Lipstickin A Pig was a masterpiece. So We had big expectations for this one. Wow ! No dissapointment here. This is where it all finally comes together for them. Best songwriting yet. Best sound & production yet. Blister finally goes completely from a grunge band influenced by punk & garage. To a Punk band with grunge & garage influences. Good stuff for sure. Not a bad song or filler song on the album. And its a 19 song album !  Fall Where They May, Drone, Yellow Tinted Vegan Girl. Just a few of the great songs. Pop this CD in and let it rock. You won't get bored. Like I said its a shame Natasha did not live to see the completion of Her final masterpiece. But it certainly serves as a great tribute to her memory. Raleigh Has lost one of its favorite Rock N Roll daughters. But this CD stands as a memorial that will stand as long as there is rock n roll. 

Andy's Rating: 5 Fucking Stars !!!  

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