Sunday, January 29, 2017

CADAVERIS - The Ceremony Of Worshiping review

CADAVERIS - The Ceremony Of Worshiping

Heretic Records 

I'll admit that Russia had a hand in my decision to like this release. Then again this is the debut full length by CADAVERIS and oh yeah they are a black metal band from Russia. I'm sorry but I couldn't resist that poke. Now although they're from Russia they are heavily influenced by Scandinavian acts of the past. It's 2017 so to me that's not a crime especially since some of those bands are not around anymore and those who are really suck these days. 

The Ceremony Of Worshiping starts out with a tranquil guitar intro but that's the only time on here were the blackened fury is non-existent. The album is short with only seven songs none of which longer that five and a half minutes. That's what I mean about no time being wasted. Musically I'm hearing WATAIN, MARDUK and fuckin MAYHEM throughout this release. The drumming on here is executed with both skill and ferocity. I think it's a session drummer as well, Hellhammer?There's a lot of guitar harmonies that allow some melody and atmosphere to break from the chaotic blasts. The tremelo-picked riffs and blastbeating are met equally with great varieties of metal riffs and tempos to give the songs more structure. Once in a while you'll even hear a solo. Vocals come off as if sung by a drunken priest vomiting blood between sentences. 

I'm just gonna stop there and say this is one great release. My only hope is that more ears get to enjoy this band's debut masterpiece. 

Rating: 5/5

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