Saturday, January 14, 2017

CHANT OF A GODDESS - Chant Of The Goddess review

CHANT OF A GODDESS - Chant Of The Goddess

Self Released

Honestly when I first listened to this I was thinking YOB ripoff all the way. Even the beginning of the opening cut "Sanctuary of the Scarlet Night" sounds like "Ball of Molten Lead" from YOB's The Illusion of Motion. But then I settled down and said fuck it, YOB hasn't been this good in years. That's what happens when you swim with hipsters, you get lame.

CHANT OF A GODDESS are a three piece outfit from Brazil. They started out in 2014 under the name SIRACUSA but changed it last year. When you listen to this their five song debut full length two words come to mind, heavy and rumbling. I could've used slow but there are moments when the band picks up the pace. Aside from the obvious YOB influence I can think of a number of other bands that come to mind, ALDEBARAN would be a perfect example.

On a whole CHANT OF A GODDESS does conjure up a wide range of heavy emotions and attitude. There are times when they sound down right apocalyptic like on the opener, "Sanctuary of the Scarlet Night", as if this is the sound you'll hear right before the end. It's crushing and destructive. Then the band switches over to a more melancholy melodic approach. The song "The Black Mythology" with the storm effects is all about draining your soul. Overall if CHANT OF A GODDESS's objective was to crush and destroy listeners then they've achieved that result. They might not be original but at this stage of Doom doesn't really matter?

Rating: 5/5