Sunday, January 8, 2017

CUMBEAST - Straight Outta Sewer review

CUMBEAST - Straight Outta Sewer

Rotten Roll Rex

With a name like CUMBEAST, ah yeah this is porno grind for sure. Unlike the smug twats of other metal media outlets I have never shied away from this sub-genre of death metal when it came to reviewing. Yeah sure you're never really going to hear some innovation or progressiveness from the bands but then again why should you think or care? I take these bands with tongue in cheek.

Think about it, their first song, "Guerrillaz Of Sickness" opens with the line "You're About to Witness the Strength of the Underground". Really, you're from Finland of all places, FINLAND! How deep through the permafrost do you have to burrow through to find the porno-grind underclass scene there? And as soon as I heard them turn on the rap shit I was gonna write this off. Luckily they cut that shit out and got back to the depraved filth ridden business of offending people.

CUMBEAST are simply four good o'l boys from Finland who have actually built up a decent cannon of releases over the past decade. Four full lengths, hey can your neo-progressive-post-tech-atmospheric-death metal band boast the same? Ah No! As far as the Scum Meter goes these guys do well with songs like "Leper Beach", " Vulgar Display Of Genitalia" and I'd also say " Intergalactic Intercourse" since it contains the "Lost in Space" amidst it's salvo of riffs. I'll also give props to their singer who can actually pull off fart vocals.

Rating: 4/5

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