Friday, January 20, 2017

DAWN OF TYRANTS - Breeding Ruin review

DAWN OF TYRANTS - Breeding Ruin

Self Released

Ya know there are a shit load of people who write about music who are only into showcasing their creative writing skills on the big name bands from big name labels. It does take talent to serve shit on a silver platter and convincing readers to eat it. As for me well I get a kick out of hearing from cool sounding bands in obscurity and telling people about them minus the lies or shiny serving tray. Plus my writing skills are not as good.

Case in point, here's DAWN OF TYRANTS, a blackened death trio from Toronto, Canada. This is their debut five song EP. Now on the surface any bozo who writes for (place name here) will say "sounds like BEHERIT/BLASPHEMY, been done move on." Now to me I say hold on there clown. Ya like Horror movies? Well let me ask ya, after Hollywood released all those classic Universal monster movies did studios just stop making similar Horror movies? Of course not because if it was good before then it can be made again for a newer audience. The same idea works in music.

I like the blackened sounds of BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY and now I'll add DAWN OF TYRANTS to that cannon. Dare I use the most overused descriptive term used by metal media scribes? I will dare it. This release is Lovecraftian in it's sound. The cavernous vocals, the evil sizzling tone of the guitars, the way the songs creep and crawl but also chase you. This is the sound that haunts your dreams and tortures your soul. True horror is something so uncomprehending that it drives you insane. I could blast this over the PA system at a hipster convention and it would drive those clowns nuts. Not even their DEAFHEAVEN Spotify playlists on their Iphones will save them.

Also I give this band extra points because anyone who dares do a CELTIC FROST cover, in their case "Dethroned Emperor", and does a good job of it deserves praise. Yeah this is great stuff and I look forward to hearing from this band in the future.

Rating: 5/5

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