Tuesday, January 17, 2017

LUCIFER'S FALL - Cursed & Damned review

LUCIFER'S FALL - Cursed & Damned
Nine Records

When I see a band compared to the likes of SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM or REVEREND BIZARRE, I have to take pause and go "hold on there." To me that's a little hyperbole, ok. I mean we're talking three aces there and that's hard to compare with. But I will say after giving this a bunch of listens, three day's worth, I must admit the promo info on this band was correct.

LUCIFER'S FALL hail from Australia, the southern part that is. This is their second full-length. Now although opener, "Mother Superior", had me thinking more boogie rock than actual doom ya know like ORANGE GOBLIN. It's on the second cut " Damnation" and what follows where those previously mentioned influences peek out from behind the curtain. Songs like "The Mountain of Madness", "Cursed Priestess" and "The Necromancer" definitely have that Dave Chandler riffage flair. This is more Scott Reagers' era SAINT VITUS influenced especially on the vocals if anything.

There's nine tracks on here, most good lengthy ones with a few fast blasters like what I'd call the band's anthem, "Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall". Yeah they probably play that one at the end of their sets. But anyways with all the stoner/sludge worship going on in the metal music scene of late this is truly an eagle flying high above all of the chickens. This release is crushingly perfect old school doom.

Rating: 5/5




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