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METALLICA - Hardwired To Self Destruct review

METALLICA - Hardwired To Self Destruct

Blackened Recordings

Review by Andy

In the world of metal. The word the band. Every bodies got a opinion. Like it or not. They are a legend. Also a disgrace to some.  Also the face of heavy metal. To the squares that really don't like or understand metal.  A sellout to some.  Most true old school metal heads gave up on em years ago. Lost respect years ago.  To Me it was never really a matter of losing respect. I kinda do actually respect a band with the courage and talent to evolve and change and push limits over the years. Its just that I rarely liked anything they did after say. $5.98 Garage Days ep.  

And Justice For All & the Black album. Were still metal. Just really boring and over played to Me. After that they did a lot of dumb shit. Part of Me respects a weird collaberation with Lou Reed. But then again I never actually heard it. And You just know it was dumb as shit.  And seeing that movie Some Kind Of Monster ? WTF?  That was sad. How could this be the same band that melted My face on the Ride The Lightning & Master Of Puppets tours?  Yes I feel that those early albums rule. Ride The Lightning is as essential as any metal album ever recorded. 

So here We are in 2016. Got Myself a free copy of the new Metallica.  This albums already gonna get a million reviews & opinions. More attention in 10mins on any given day. Then My band and most of My friends bands will get all year.  So why am I reviewing it?  Well most people reviewing it don't know shit about metal. They are phoneys . I'm real. They are false. I feel as a guy who was there in the begining. Seeing them in their early tours. Being there when thrash was first rising.  my opinion on Metallica anything is more important. Then 99% of the other fools commenting. First Is Metallica true or false metal? Hard to say. This album is certainly a actual return to heavy metal for them. Did they do it for respect & money? Or did they do it because they actually felt like playing real heavy metal again?  Who knows.

The first controversy surrounding this album. Is the album cover. Its said that Metallica blatently ripped off. Crowbar's Odd Fellows Rest album cover. Check out the picture.  Pretty funny.  Too Me both album covers are pretty dumb. The whole package of this 3 CD album is pretty dumb. About 20 different pictures. All variations of the same album cover.  Unimpressed.  So the imortant part? The music. How is it? Well good value for money I guess. Its three full CDs of Metallica. The first disc has 2-3 decent songs. I dig the title track Hardwired To Self Destruct.  Also Atlas Rise & Moth To Flame. The rest is boring filler. 

The second CD even worse. Only one song impresses Me.  Spit Out The Bone, Its probably the best thing they have done since Master Of Puppets. Well maybe not that good. But still shows they can pull at least one Metallica classic out of a 3 disc album LOL. Disc 2 also has their Lemmy tribute song Murder One. Which to Me is a total fail. Lyricaly kind of dumb. Even worse its a mid paced snoozefest musically. Its not tributing Lemmy musically in anyway I can understand. They knew Him not Me. So maybe I'm the dumbass here? But whatever. I just don't expect a song tributing Lemmy to suck. But it does LOL. 

Onto disc 3.  Now this made the album worth it for Me. First You get new Metallica original Lords Of Summer.  Another decent one. Better then most of the songs on the first two discs. Then You get the Ronnie Rising medley. 3 Great covers of Dio era Rainbow. They do a great job. Best thing on the whole album. Then they cover Deep Purple & Iron Maiden.  Again doing a great job. The rest of the disc. Is a recent live recording of Metallic performing in a record store. For Record Store Day.  The great thing about it. Is that its all old classics from Kill Them All and Ride The Lightning.  So over all . to Me this album is only really worth it for the third disc. 

Andy's Rating: 3/5

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