Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No Anger Control - Drunk In A Dumpster split LP review

No Anger Control - Drunk In A Dumpster split 

No Profit Records

Review by Andy

Here We have a nice LP of hardcore punk / thrash type punk rock. Two sides split between to great North Carolina bands.  Side one. Ashville / Raleigh area's Drunk In A Dumpster. Yes they sound like what You might expect from a band with a name like that Ha Ha Ha . And Ya know. To Me that's a good thing. Loud fast rude , Verging on being out of control at times ! Hardcore metal punk thrash ! They don't give a fuck. And the song We Don't Give A Fuck is a classic anthem. Perfect for getting smashed and raging in a club. 

Side 2.  Charlotte's No Anger Control. Fans of 90s punk legends Naked Aggression might want to check this band out. Fast , tight hardcore punk. Female fronted band. Great live band. What else can be said? Its a style of hardcore punk. Thats always there. And hopefully always will be.  This is a great record. Both bands recordings sound decent. without being to clean. Comes with a download card with extra songs.  Good stuff. I have seen both bands a few times. I always walk away impressed and entertained. If they come Your way check em out!


Here's NO ANGER CONTROL performing live:


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