Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RAW DOG - A New Low Live review

RAW DOG - A New Low Live 

Self Released

review by Andy   

Raw Dog is a hard band/act to describe.  low -fi . Punk garage, comedy, novelty, performance art,  noise, weird & freaky !   Leader Manning Kimmel would probably agree with that description. This is a live album recorded in Chapel Hill NC.  With His full band Yance & Angela playing drums & bass. Manning has been known to perform solo from time to time as well. Anyway good stuff for weirdos like Me. Funny lyrics. Noisy punky garagey music. I have seen Him live a handful of times. Its always a hoot. Normal society will never understand the apeal of stuff like this. Hell most punkers or metalheads won't get it. But hey. They are doing it and having fun. I'm gonna give it 3&1/4 stars. I gotta be in the right mood to listen to this. But when I am. Its right on time.

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noticeable one said...

Actually only a couple of tracks were recorded in Zogs in Chapel Hill. The bulk of this album was recorded at The Maywood in Raleigh. This record is a live greatest hits of RawDog. Notable songs are: My Heart is Full of Love, Christmas in Jail, and My Job Makes Me Want to Kill Myself. Give it a listen.