Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Everyone likes a good split release right? Ah yeah every time I see a split release, whether it's a full length or a 7"er, that ANAL CUNT song comes to mind. You know what I'm talking about. We've all got a bunch of em in our vinyl collections. One side is good or at least decent and the other sucks balls. As far as my own stash is concerned I've probably got around a hundred or more split releases. Most of those are 7"ers and I'd say half of em are good, as in both sides I like. Now as far as this particular one goes well it's a winner.

This split cd has two extreme metal bands giving the listener five songs a piece.  One of these bands I know about and that's SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER from California. They toured with North Carolina's own BLOODSOAKED. (Hey I like the guy) These guys are death thrash with touches, or I should say bleeding sores, of gore grind in em. They are full on hate with duel vocals, the singer growls and one of the guitarists adds pain filled screams. They've been around for a while with a couple of full lengths under their belt. I've got one from a long time ago. As far as their songs on here, the opener "Reign Of The Hammer" is a cool face ripper. It's like some anthem for a hammer wielding mass murderer. Also "Ruthless & Truthless" and "Compound Fracture" are cool ass hate fuck metal destruction.

The other band on here, ENFUNERATION, are new to me which is also the x-factor with splits. Luckily this Oklahoma City act staved off the inevitable dilemma with splits. ENFUNERATION are like Oklahoma's version of VADER. Their second cut, "Bearing Their Scars", was a blast of old school "I want to see you dead" type hate which I was in the mood for tonight, especially tonight. In fact all of their five tracks on here are superb.

I usually look at these splits as wrestling matches. Some band is gonna kick the other's ass and take the belt. In this split's case it's a draw since both are evil rule breakers rule types. Be that as it may I'm kinda looking forward to hearing more from ENFUNERATION.




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