Sunday, January 8, 2017

SAVAGE MASTER - Mask Of The Devil & With Whips And Chains review

SAVAGE MASTER - Mask Of The Devil

Skol Records

SAVAGE MASTER - With Whips And Chains

High Roller Records

review by Andy
The underground of true heavy metal has been buzzing on this band for a couple years now. These CDs show why. This is great old school heavy metal. Everything from the artwork, The bands logo. The sound & songs. The look  & the live show. This band could go back in time to 1984 and get gigs. In the heavy metal underground scene back then ! Nobody would know ha ha ha. Glad they are in this time though. Showing posers how its done.

Led by Adam Neal from Kentucky punk metal legends the Hookers. Adam plays guitar in this band. Stacy Savage on vocals. A great unique screeching singing style. Again not heard much since the 80s. I am reviewing both CDs. I guess cause they are both fairly new to Me. Although Mask Of The Devil is over a year old. They both fit together so Well. They sound the same. But who cares when it sounds this cool? I took all My favorites from both albums. Put them on one CD. And its been rocking My truck ever since. Those old enough to remember the days of early Exciter, Early Mercyful Fate, Damien Thorne, or even Ded Engine (if anybody knows or remembers those guys)  You will fucking love these albums & band. If You are into metal and don't remember those days or too Young to have been there. No worries. This stuff should still appeal to anybody that loves real heavy metal. This is what its all about. Then & now. True Fucking Metal ! 

ANDY'S rating: 5 Stars

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