Sunday, January 8, 2017

SCALPTURE - Panzerdoktrin review

SCALPTURE - Panzerdoktrin

Final Gate Records

While this German death metal band is going all war metal with hints to BOLT THROWER, they're definitely hooked on to old school Swedish death metal. I say NIHILIST but hey any OSDM act from Sweden who had that crunchy guitar tone would work. Either way these Germans have harnessed it to release a blitzkrieg of death fuckin metal upon you.

I remember when the whole return to OSDM (Old School Death Metal, for you noobs, hipsters, etc.) started around seven years ago. I went apeshit over all that cool stuff and loved seeing the mainstream metal media befuddled by not seeing it coming, not having a hand in it. So hearing a fairly new band's debut and it's like a column of tanks rolling down the street crushing hiptards holding their progressive metal weak shit. You should see the smile on my face right now while listening to this.

It actually took me a few listens to Panzerdoktrin just to see if they were the real deal. They're a five piece who started out in 2009, yeah right when the resurrection of OSDM started. They really didn't get their act together until 2014. A year later they released a four song demo and now (actually this came out Dec. 2016) it's this tank treads crushing your face full length. Which by the way runs through kinda quick with nine tracks total, most not passing the four minute mark. 

The only bad thing I can say about this is that I thought it started out weak with the tanks rolling soundbite intro and the actual opener "...Panzer Hooray!" Who do you think they are MARDUK? It's on the third cut "Lead From Ahead" where the band kicks it into gear. From that point onward it's a perfect album. Great death metal from Germany to start the new year off. Let the attack begin.

Rating: 4/5

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