Friday, January 20, 2017

SLAYER - Repentless review

SLAYER - Repentless 

Nuclear Blast

Review by Andy
OK Like the recent Metallica. Everybody's got a opinion on this one. In our little heavy metal world. Slayer is one of those bands. Just always gonna be to some extent. Probably the best of the thrash pioneers. One of the few of the big groups that came out of that era. That never really got wimpy & commercial sounding. Never went grunge or all out retarded like Anthrax.  Still their game got a little old and boring after awhile.

Like a lot of other classic bands. Repentless is a Slayer album. The death of Jeff Hannimen was a crushing blow to the band for sure. But It has not stopped them. Great packaging. Cool fold out poster.  A hour worth of typical Slayer music. But the problem is. Not a damn thing stands out. Its all good. But nothing great. Its just a CD you put in. Hey cool its Slayer!  A hour later You don't remember one song from another.

There were some cool videos made for these songs. Incredible blood gore & violence. Its a shame the songs are so same old going through the motions stuff. I guess they still blow away 75% of the competition in this game. But I've come to expect more from the mighty Slayer!  A cool live dvd comes with this. Which is a nice bonus. But again. No where near the energy of the old stuff.  I'm a broken record when it comes to these old bands LOL. 

Andy's Rating: 3/5 stars

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