Tuesday, January 17, 2017

STREET CLONES - Cloned For Your Pleasure review

STREET CLONES - Cloned For Your Pleasure
Mystery School Records

Review by Andy

Those not familiar with the Street Clones. They are a punk band out of Wilmington, NC. Fronted by John Baptist formerly of the band Rapegoat.  Great stuff worth checking out. This is a short but sweet debut album from them. 8 damn good punk/hardcore type songs.  Dwarves, Dead Kennedys, even White Flag come to mind. Johns got a warped mind and it shows in songs like Extinction A Go Go and Revenge Of The Fuckwits.  I'm a little warped Myself so of course I enjoyed it. Recommended listening for punk rockers period. Nothing trendy hip or pop. Just good old Punk Rock. 

Andy's Rating: 4 stars 


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