Sunday, January 29, 2017

THORMESIS - Trümmerfarben review

THORMESIS - Trümmerfarben

 MDD Records

Unless you are a connessuir in everything black metal then you didn't know that this band's 2015 release, Freier Wille - Freier Geist, was one of the best black metal releases of that year. I say that in my usual In My Not So Humble Opinion mode because you had a band who incorporated so much hook ladened power metal/70's hard rock into their take on the genre it actually sounded crediable. Remember THORMESIS are from Germany and we all know how much Germans love their power metal. Critics gave it a good nod but there was a huge gasp which came out of Norway, the blackened internet collective trolls screamed "FALSE" and four hipster douchebags from Brooklyn wondered if they could steal it.

Now sure when I (and probably you as well) think of German black metal bands I'm thinking the classic rawness and brutality of MOONBLOOD, KATHARSIS, ENDSTILLE and of course ABSURD. Well it's a new day people and even an old school fuck like me can deal with some slight differences in my extreme metal as long as it stays true. On Trümmerfarben, the band's fifth full length, THORMESIS continue where they left off with Freier Wille - Freier Geist albeit to a certain degree. Were as the last album had the obvious outside influences on here their pagan black metal style melds much better with the power metal/70's & 80's hard rock melodies. The title cut and  "Waheelas Fährte" are the best examples. Of course I still get shocked by their clean guitar solos. Even with all of their intermixing of genres a song like "Die Klagen der Einöde" or "Im Herbst trugen sie mich fort" still carries more blackened weight.

Ya know I really like this one a lot but I'm also hoping that it stays with THORMESIS and doesn't become another sub genre. I remember the non-vicious and ice-cream sounds of black-gaze which the song " Verblasst" seemed to be heading for a minute. No more black metal sub genres please. This band is unique and has a sound that's interesting for now of course. 

Rating: 5/5

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