Saturday, January 28, 2017

UFOSONIC GENERATOR - The Evil Smoke Possession review

UFOSONIC GENERATOR - The Evil Smoke Possession

 Minotauro Records

This came in under the tag-line 70's Hard Rock/Doom Metal. Yeah I'll agree to that. Some of this is cool full on 1970's blues influenced hard fuckin rock. I absolutely love the cut "At Witches'Bell" because it's total 70's worship at it's finest. The rest of this release is kinda homage to the whole third tier style acts of that decade with a few stolen riffs here and there. This band is from Italy so there ya go. Was there free wine during the recording?

Actually this could've been some unknown rarity (it's not) from those days dug up by Minotauro Records, a label out of New York state that specializes in albums by Italian artists whether it's metal or something else.  They've got a shit load of Paul Chain releases for you music snobs. They also released some DEATH SS stuff. As far as this band goes they started out in 2011 and on most of this release they wanna sound like Relentless era PENTAGRAM but fail to fully nail it.

Rating: 2/5

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