Saturday, January 14, 2017

ULG - Windark review

ULG - Windark

Self  Released

It's must be atmospheric black metal weekend for me since I'm writing all reviews by bands of this blackened sub-genre. At least this is not coming from across an ocean and a huge landmass. ULG is a one man black metal project from Oregon in the good O'l USA. The one man in question is John Marshall, who isn't involved in a half dozen other bands and this is a debut release. Calling Windark a full length is arguable since it's four cuts, two long and two not so long. 

Obviously ULG has some influences borrowed from other more well known black metal acts from his region of the country. I'm not gonna name em since you know who I'm talking about. The obsession here is the forest, that cold dark woodsy mystical place. Musically the tempo is faster then your typical variety of the sub-genre. The riffs do hang around in repeated fashion in order to create a lethargic effect. Actually reminds me a lot of MARBLEBOG from Hungary, who themselves had a forest motif to their recordings, Forestheart being a great one. 

As far as what I like to call the "XASTHUR Effect" (ie: how long can you listen to it before you want to lay down and take a nap). I lasted to the third song and I've been drinking coffee so go figure. I think it's the clean sounding production that does it. Kinda like a cold wind hitting you in the face and waking you the fuck up. All things considered it's a decent release.

Rating: 2/5

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