Tuesday, January 17, 2017

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Forbidden Fruits Of Rock N Roll vol 2 cd Compilation review

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Forbidden Fruits Of Rock N Roll vol 2 CD Compilation

Mystery School Records

Review by Andy

Alright !!  The Forbidden Fruits Of Rock N Roll vol. 2 CD comp is available !!  Anybody that heard that first Forbidden Fruits Of Rock N Roll comp. From the great Mystery School Records.  Was probably looking forward to this.  Great series of punk, noise, hardcore, metal & garage rock.  That pretty much all go together & flow together on a comp somehow. I'm not gonna review My own band. But Yeah We got a song on here. So lets talk about some of the highlights from My perspective.  Right off the bat. Stovebolts kick it off. Great garagy southern punk stuff.  The mighty Rancid Vat's Die Hipster Die !  Kicks massive ass !  A band I never heard of Haylee & the Komets impressed Me greatly. Catchy punky stuff.  A never before heard Hellstomper song Ain't Dead Yet song. Makes this comp worth seeking out alone!  The same could be said of the Self Made Monsters cover of the Sonics -He's Waiting.  Russian punk maniacs Svetlanas kick ass on DIY Rehab.  Other great tracks from Street Clones, Warboys, Zodiac Panthers, Brody's Millitia and a weird one from Malcolm Tent. All make this a great comp worth seeking out. And a cool introduction. To some of the very cool stuff you get get from Mystery School Records. Look up their online store for this and other goodies.

Andy's Rating: 4 stars 


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