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VARIOUS ARTISTS - HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH 2016 Full Year in Review: 23 Track FREE Sampler review

VARIOUS ARTISTS -  HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH 2016 Full Year in Review: 23 Track FREE Sampler

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Everyone likes a good extreme metal compilation put out by a record label right? Hmmm, that might be Deju Vu on my part. Well I opened the can of worms so I'll follow through. I can reach in a draw and pull out one of those containers which you buy blank CDRs/DVDs in. I've got a dozen of em and one in particular has a bunch of compilations that I have acquired over the years. Some I've gotten for free in magazines, others I picked up at record stores in the dollar CD bins, etc. Years ago labels like Century Media, Metal Blade and Earache were tossing those comps out like candy. Of course it's always buyer beware when it comes to those things. 

That is not the case here with this one from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. In fact this is pretty cool and reminds me of some of the playlists I made on my computer, albeit mine are 10 to 15 hours longer. But if you're interested in what this extreme music label has put out in 2016 then here is the place to start. What you've got here is slightly over an hour's worth of intense head banging, moshpit inducing, slam your body into a wall, crank it up to piss off your neighbors, party comp rioting metal. Most of this is everything Death Metal and it's outstretched clawed sub-genres. There's also a few surprises.

There's 23 bands on here now I'm not gonna list em all but I will give ya some highlights of the bands I do know and new ones that caught me by surprise. First off I know AGATHOCLES but their contribution on here surprised me. I won't ruin it for ya but it was a "holy fuck" moment. VIOLATION WOUND, whoever they are do something off the beaten path similar. Japan's truly sick bastards, ZOMBIE RITUAL, add their twisted brand of death thrash to this comp. PERCUSSOR was a good choice to open this comp with. They're straight up death metal from Hostile City, USA (that's Philadelphia, PA by the way). They've got two recent full lengths out which interested party's (aka: OSDM fans) should seek out. Another Hostile City band, EAT THE TURNBUCKLE, deliver their brand of Wrestling shtick influenced hardcore/thrash with "Suplex City". DEVOURED FATE's contribution, "Purely Fuckin Demented", is for fans of vomited vocal deliveries over late 80's styled Swedish DM. They're a bunch of Mass-holes as well.

A few other highlights are the blackened death of Indiana's MOUNTAIN GRAVE. Midwest DM has a rich history in being repugnant. Houston's TERMINATION FORCE was a cool surprise. They had an album out years ago titled Grind Thrashing Death, which is pretty much how they describe themselves. But their cut on here, "Trail Of Entrails" reminds me of old 80's hardcore, the good stuff and not that pathetic metalcore that came afterwards which a lot of modern day revisionists seem to think is hardcore. Word to the wise (fat chance on that) I was there in the 80s while you revisionists were still in your dad's balls. As for some other highlights, MENTAL COMA, thrash from Denmark with plenty of Tom G. Warrior grunts. There's even some black metal via Maryland one man band UNENDLICH, which actually sounds like DARK FUNERAL. 

All in all if ya wanna pick up/hear a great comp to expand your extreme music taste needs then here ya go. You won't be disappointed. 

Rating 5/5



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