Thursday, January 5, 2017

Zodiac Panthers - Self Titled review

Zodiac Panthers - Self Titled 

FAY Records

Review by Andy

This CD is short and sweet. So I'll keep the review short and sweet. Debut CD from Wilmington NCs Zodiac Panthers. This two piece band is Johnny Yeagher on guitar. And His lovely wife Angela on drums.  Johnny's been in a bunch of cool bands previously. If You are into underground Punk & Roll ! Chances are You have met Him. Seen His bands & already know what He's all about.

Zodiac Panthers are a raw heavy blasting garage punk band. Tons of guitar shredding & pounding drums. Straight for the throat snarling vocals. First song , So Sick Of Your Face lets You know what this is gonna be for the next 6 songs. A bit of horror punk influences as well. The album finishes up with a blistering cover of the Third Bardo's - Five Years Ahead Of My Time. So there Ya have it. A great little CD intro to a North Carolina band sure to release more stuff and play more shows in 2017. Check em out ! Oh yeah and when in Wilmington. Check out Angela's Record store/Hair salon. Located in the same building as Wilmington's coolest rock club Reggies. 1417 S. 42nd st.

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