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Part One

Last year in an effort to piss off some of my more politically correct friends on Facebook I started posting the words "Black Metal Matters". It was a response to their own support for a pathetic group of whiners with a similar name. It worked of course since many of them responded in typical intolerance. Of course my friends into things extreme liked it. I'd also post things like black leather matters, black sabbath matters, black t-shirts matter, black labs matter, etc. You get the idea of course. But as February, 2017 approached (aka: Black Metal History Month) I typed in Black Metal Matters on Goggle and was surprised to find the image above, as well as similar ones. Some company is making t-shirts, and not very good ones, with those words on em. They've got multiple designs, one of em looking a little like KISS lettering. Someone call Gene Simmons, I think he has a possible lawsuit. The t-shirt website, which I'm not gonna post a link to, has straight laced looking models wearing the shirts. Of course I was also surprised especially since your typical social justice warrior (aka: snowflake) would get their panties in a wad over seeing one of their protected group names being co-opted for another's personal gain or fun. Whatever, I just chalked it up as just another negative mark against something I am a fan of.

Be that as it may, here we are in February 2017. I added the question mark at the end of the title words because it does need it at least for me. I pose the question, does it really matter? To me Black Metal followed the same line as Punk Rock. It was created by a bunch of malcontents who were sick and tired of their present/popular music scene. They wanted to rebel against the norm. Musically they wanted to return to certain previously established roots, create something unique and they wanted to piss people. In the most basic way that's the description of the whole second wave of Black Metal. But just like Punk Rock, Black Metal had a born on date which gave it's whole early creative originality a time limit. 

To me Punk Rock died in 1979. After that the scene splintered into various factions and genre styles. Sure Punk still existed but when something is in it's purist form it is strong. Once you take it apart or dilute it then it weakens. So for it's part Black Metal died in 1994 strangely enough with the release of, in my not so humble opinion, it's greatest album MAYHEM's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. From that point onward Black Metal still existed but in a splintered form. The originators started moving on to other things creatively. Sub genres were created almost to the point of silliness. I mean seriously people, Black Metal has almost as many sub-genres as Facebook has gender identifications. And most of them I don't even recognize as being legitimate. Trends formed and of course the commercialization of it proceeded. Black Metal, the once hated and despised sub-genre in metal, became respected by straight laced outsiders and is a viable consumer product. 

Yes Black Metal has progressed to the point where it's now older than it's average fan and in some ways completely unrecognizable to it's older fans. In the late 90's, commonly refereed to as the Third Wave of Black Metal, the genre went mainstream. There was good and bad with that happening. The good part was that yeah more people were exposed to a unique music genre. Many would come to check it out but after a while only a few would follow on years afterward. And I'm damm thankful for those people because it was they who saw what was presently offered then dug deeper to the genre's roots. It was these people who revived the past and made it fresh and exciting. But of course the bad side was that you had the bad people coming in, the thrill seekers and parasites.

 It was these types of losers who suddenly decided they liked this whole Black Metal thing but wanted to change it, water it down in order to make it more exceptable to their milk toast and politically correct existence. Yes these were the college radio losers, indie rock losers and hipsters, parasites all who jump from one musical trend to another because they cannot create something long lasting on their own. Think about it they had new wave, alternative music, indie rock, alt. metal, alt. country. All fuckin losers and now they set their sights on not just Black Metal but all extreme music. The worst part of which was when they invaded the metal media and started dictating. My answer to them was always, how dare you come in here and start telling people how much the present metal sounds suck and then push your indie rock metalish hybrid crap on us, fuck you hipster pussy. 

Ya know when you've got vermin invading your home you kill them. Unfortunately people couldn't run out and slash the throats of hipsters with their crappy CDs. So the next best thing was to shame em, call em out as lying cocksuckers and of course screaming "FALSE", whenever the appropriate time comes. In my previous installment of Scumfeast Metal 666 I use to do that almost on a daily basis. I even dedicated an article on the subject in 2011 which you can read here:

Want more hipster hatred? Then check out this one:

In fact if you Google "hipster metal/Scumfeastmetal666" you'll find a lot of hipster hatred. I use to get emails galore from bands, labels, promo people and readers who literally were freakin out over my hipster hatred. Even if I was reviewing a cool release I'd find a way to insert my hatred for hipsters especially the ones who invaded the Black Metal and Doom music scenes. Yeah they were fun times but by 2012 I felt the battle was getting tiresome and the war was a losing effort. I mean later on that year the editor of a major metal publication actually insulted his mag's readership by telling them they better give his friends' band's latest release a chance even though it's not very metal. What a fuckin pansy! It also exposed them as being nothing more than college liberal pussies. 

But over the years I was not doing Scumfeast Metal 666 I noticed something interesting. I call it a backlash against hipsterdom by a younger generation. One way the losers attacked me was by using my age as a factor as in oh I'm old fashioned and I'm against progression. They were wrong of course I just hate phonies in BURZUM shirts. 

But yeah I was meeting people who were young, liked a lot of cool Black Metal, hated hipsters, hated DEAFHEAVEN and were curious about NSBM. That latter part surprised me. A few of these people I met at work which is very cool. 

So I guess the bottom line here is that fine have your so-called Black Metal symposiums in Brooklyn (Bahahahahahah! in Brooklyn? What a fuckin Joke!). You can have your bad documentaries, bad books and of course your bad music. But you can not have the fans. So yeah Black Metal Matters in 2017.

Coming up in Part Two:


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Thurmann Eggleston said...

Mr. Wolf,

It was wonderful meeting you at the jam session last week. It really meant a lot to us that you opened up to a group of strangers like that. Remember, if your friends don't accept you for who you really are, they're not really your friends. Be honest with yourself!

<3 TE