Saturday, February 18, 2017

BLASPHEMER - Blasphemer review

BLASPHEMER - Blasphemer 

Self Released

You know how many bands there are named BLASPHEMER? Do you know how many songs there are out their titled "Blasphemer"? Would you like to know how many times I've been called a blasphemer? The answer to all those questions is lots. Now this particular BLASPHEMER hail from England and could be the original BLASPHEMER then again maybe not and I'll explain.

This band originally started out back in the 1990s playing death metal. Yeah I'm shocked as well. They started out in 1990, released a few demos over the first couple of years and then in 1995 decided to change their name to DOMINION and their style to death doom. They even added a female singer to look the part. That resulted in them getting signed to Peaceville Records and releasing two albums. Which I'm sure you can get from their back catalog really really cheap. 

Anyway in 2014 two original band members, Matthew "Mass" Firth and Cristiniano Cagna, decided to resurrect BLASPHEMER because hey death metal is big again. Ya know something else, SLAYER is pretty much tits up so hey how bout another band doing SLAYER meets death metal. You wanna know how many bands have gone that route in the past twenty years? About as many who are named BLASPHEMER. Now I'm not talking a little SLAYER influence, no this band dives in head first.

They could've called this release Reign in Death or Reign in Blasphemy or even Reign in Death and Blasphemy. I mean they took the riffs, the solos and the whole song patterns and didn't add much of their death metal legacy except for a few slower tone breakdowns and basic DM vocals. It's not bad considering the state of the act they're borrowing from. 

Rating: 3/5

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