Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CONDENADOS - The Tree Of Death review

CONDENADOS - The Tree Of Death

Shadow Kingdom Records

Holy CANDLEMASS muchachoes! Do you shed a tear every time you play Tales of Creation? Do you have a monk's cloak in your closet? Do you hate Robert Lowe's guts? Well cheer up babycakes because this trio from Chile will brighten up your day and night for that matter. The CONDENADOS worship at the altar of Messiah Marcolin era CANDLEMASS, they even have the monk's robes to prove it and this new release of their's sounds fantastic.

The band are not really new. The CONDENADOS have been around since 2006 putting out short format releases up until 2011 when they released their first full length A Painful Journey into Nihil. Now they're back half a decade later and any epic doom fan should be taking notice. Fernando Vidal (singer/guitarist) channels Messiah's vocal style fairly well until he starts speaking Spanish. As far as his riffs go they're thick, fat and electric fuzzy in the typical SABBATH-ian way. At times they sway into GATES OF SLUMBER territory, for example on "Demon's Head", which ain't so bad either. The guys in the rhythm section just plod along as if there's anything else for em to do. 

So yes here comes the "It's good but" comment. There are times on here where CONDENADOS are more on the gothic side of the doom fence than the mournful. The opening cut "Star of Punishment" starts off with a gothic hammond organ interlude. Another thing to consider as far as the songwriting goes well Leif Edling need not worry. These Chileans are good at what they're doing but they keep it basic. So there ya go.

Rating: 3/5

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